Special Issue of Simulation & Gaming: Service Design Games (May 2014)

Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2014
Website: http://sg.sagepub.com/ and http://www.unice.fr/sg/

Service Design may, to an outside eye, seem an unlikely area in which to use games and play. However, the fields of Service Innovation, Service Design, Participatory Design and Co-Design have a strong tradition of using games and playful activities to improve existing services and innovate new ones. Games are used with the staff, management, customers and other stakeholders of service providers. Yet these games have so far been developed, deployed and analyzed in relative isolation from the research conducted within game studies and the study of simulation/games. The aim of this symposium (special issue) is to fill this academic void by bringing together, consolidating and promoting contributions from service design games and placing them into dialogue with work in the sibling fields. Thus, the study of service design games will also contribute to simulation and game studies and design worldwide, and will in turn assist service designers in making their games even more efficient and interesting than they are now.

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J Artistic Research special issue on Criticism (June 2014)

Website: http://www.jar-online.net
Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2014
Guest Editor: Mary Sherman

One of the most common terms bandied about in academic circles of late is ‘Artistic Research.’ It has become a regular feature in seminars, departments are being built around it, and exhibition texts are smattered with it. Yet, as the Journal for Artistic Research – a peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Artistic Research – reminds us, the term remains elusive. What JAR offers is not so much a definition of artistic research as examples of it. Recognising that text is only one of a number of possibilities to present research to a wider audience and taking advantage of online multimedia formats, the journal offers artists a space to unfold their research where they can use words and/or alternative modes of expressions, such as video, sound, and slide shows. The journal then provides a forum for peer-to-peer discussion.

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Winter 2015 Issue of Museologies Les cahiers d’etudes superieures (May 2014)

Deadline for proposals: 14 May 2014
Contact: museologies2014@gmail.ca

This special issue will focus on the development of research exhibition as a creative process in contemporary art museums.
Guest Editor: Carmela Cucuzzella, Assistant Professor, Design and Computation Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University
Projected Publication Date: Winter 2015

We are accepting submissions in English or French.

This special issue of Museologies will explore ways that contemporary art museums are facing the challenges of exhibiting research as a result of a creative process. The challenges are many, since one of the many intents is to establish  a dialogue and inform viewers of the underlying reflection. Given this, what are the challenges for the exhibitor  (artists, researchers, curators)?

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Special Issue of craft+design enquiry: “Landscape, Place and Identity in Craft and Design” (April 2014)

Website: http://craftdesignenquiry.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page_13.html
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 April 2014

About Landscape, Place and Identity in Craft and Design, Kay writes “… These words posit different relationships to the environment; landscapes encompassed by the gaze or places known through the intimacy of bodily sensation. Both words are culturally inflected. Our understanding of both landscapes and places is shaped by sensory experience as well as by memory and myth, and are thus bound up with complex questions about human identity. 
Full Call for Papers #7 can be found on the craft+design enquiry   http://craftdesignenquiry.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page_13.html
Submit abstracts now until 30 April 2014, if invited, full papers are due 30 June 2014.

Special Issue of Studies in Material Thinking: Documenting the realities of research through design practice (Aug 2014)

Website: http://www.materialthinking.org/calls
Deadline for full papers: 31 August 2014

A special issues volume in Studies in Material Thinking on the theme of Visual/Textual: documenting the realities of research through design practice.

Studies in Material Thinking (SMT) in collaboration with the organisers of the Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design conference (http://www.praxisandpoetics.org/researchthroughdesign/) is calling for submissions to a special volume of research articles to be published in February 2015. This special issue aims to open up the debate to a wider audience and enable deeper engagement with the issues and challenges associated with the communication of research through design.

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Special Issue of Computer-Aided Design and Applications on 3D Printing (August 2014)

Website: http://www.cadanda.com/Specialissues.html
Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2014

Computer-Aided Design and Applications and Taylor and Francis cordially invite submissions to our newest special issue on 3-D printing. The call for papers can be found on the CAD&A website or at http://tandf.msgfocus.com/q/16vpNNuzKHf/wv.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2014 and the publication date of the issue is Spring 2015.

ARPA Journal / Applied Research Practices in Architecture: Call for Abstracts

The ARPA Journal is an online, public forum for debates on applied research practices in architecture based at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). We scrutinize techniques of inquiry to examine their ethical stance and spark ideas for their potential transformation. If the term applied research conventionally describes a practice adulterated by practical concern or funding bias, the journal asks how research can embrace its entangled nature, and experiment with the very problem of autonomy in application.

The inaugural issue, Test Subjects, focuses on the contested nature of application in research. Abstracts accepted on a rotating basis until March 1, 2014. Selected contributions will be due April 1, 2014. Please visit http://arpa.gsapp.org/ie/index.php/journal/.

Special Issue of the Industrial Design Educators Network: Creating Design Research (March 2014)

Deadline for abstracts: 10 March 2014
Website: http://idenjournal.com

IDEN issue #3 is calling for papers for peer review, and non peer reviewed opinion pieces, case studies, projects, etc around the theme of Creating Design Research.
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Craft Research volume 6.1 (May 2014)

Website: http://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-journal,id=172/
Deadline for submissions: 1 May 2014

Being now held by over 40 institutions worldwide, including the American Crafts Council Library, in 2013, Craft Research has successfully introduced two issues per year. To build on its current success, we are currently looking for papers for volume 6.1.

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Special Issue of Design and Culture: short papers on Design Education and Social Innovation (April 2014)

Contacts: Scott Townsend (scott_townsend@ncsu.edu) and Brian Donnelly (brian.donnelly@sheridanc.on.ca)
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 April 2014

Design and Culture invites proposals for short ‘position papers’ on emerging issues in design education and social innovation for an upcoming feature section (Vol. 7 no. 2, July, 2015). We seek a total of six to eight papers of no more than 1500 words that develop a clear and concise thesis, outline a particular educational strategy, and make an argument for how this position responds to a particular cultural need and context. We would like to foster voices that can discuss and expose the underlying values in specific educational perspectives. We invite exploratory and contrasting positions.

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