SIDeR2010: Student Interaction Design and Research Conference (March, Umeå Sweden)

SIDeR 2010 conference • March 24–26 2010 • Umeå Institute of Design • Umeå, Sweden

Umeå Institute of Design and the Interaction Design Program are thrilled to host in March of 2010 the sixth edition of the Student Interaction Design and Research Conference (SIDeR). Our organizing committee invites design students to participate in this event to inspire and nourish evocative discussions on the subject of interaction design. We aim to receive thoughtfully written submissions and expect the presenters to demonstrate their inspiring visions with either tangible or visually rich (or both) evidence.

About this year’s title: The reasoning behind wordplay

Ingredients in gradients: with this phrase we are aiming to communicate the intrinsic playfulness of the process behind the building and thinking involved when designing interactions. Further, our aim is to evoke the broadness and openness of the interaction design field.

We deliberately chose not to have any particular theme for the conference. We feel that the absence of thematic constraints—both for the students that desire submitting proposals and for the invited keynote speakers—will help generate the most passionate, thought-through and critical views on interactivity-related subjects.

Inspirational themes for articles

  • Interactivity for the real world – A spin-off of Papanek’s famous book. What is (or could be) “[Interaction] design for the real world”?
  • You and me equal interactivity – Discuss the societal implications of ubiquitous gadgetery and embedding technology everywhere.
  • One dose of code, two doses of craft, and a sprinkle of wit – Show us what you mean by a true and well thought-through systemic approach to design.
  • Design for them or with them – Any luck with co-design? Share your recipes of recent success stories, or life-enhancing failures.
  • Long lastin’ interactin’ – Give us your wide (and wild) intepretation on how one make sustainable and viable interactions come to life.
  • Freebie – Push the boundaries of IxD and blow our brains out (or in).


The students who intend to present their work during the conference have to submit a video showcasing their interactive prototypes and systems, as well as an article that supports the video with solid and thoughtful (design) arguments. The goal for the article is for it to contribute both to design research, and to a greater extent, building and sharing knowledge amongst design students about interaction design.

The articles should be of a maximum length of 2000 words, using the Springer guidelines and be submitted by January 24, 2009. We are currently building the web infrastructure to receive all submissions. We should be able to accept submissions online by December 24, 2009.


SIDeR10 : March 24-25-26 2010
Submission opens : December 24 2009
Deadline for submission : January 24 2010
Notification of acceptance : February 21 2010
Deadline for conference registration : March 7 2010


For all questions and inqueries, please contact us at or


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