CMC2010: 4th Intl Conf on Concept Mapping (Oct 2010, Chile)

Sheraton Miramar Hotel & Convention Center, Viña del Mar, Chile – October 5-7, 2010.


The Fourth International Conference on Concept Mapping follows on the success of the first three Conferences held Pamplona, San José, and Tallinn/Helsinki in bringing together scholars and practitioners interested in concept mapping. It is being organized by the Universidad de Chile and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, USA.

The Conference is aimed at all persons interested in the use of concept maps (based on the work of Dr. Joseph Novak), including, but not limited to: facilitation of learning; eliciting, capturing, archiving, and using “expert” knowledge; planning instruction; assessment of “deep” understandings; research planning; collaborative knowledge modeling; creation of “knowledge portfolios”; and administrative and strategic planning and monitoring. We expect participants from a broad range of fields presenting a wide variety of research and applications of concept mapping. All presentations at the conference are expected to include time for questions, answers, and scholarly discussion.

Electronic paper submissions can be submitted in the following categories:

Paper Proposals: Papers are reports of completed research accepted by a panel of experts and peers and will be published in the conference proceedings. There are three categories for papers: (a) empirical research, (b) model or theory development, and (c) theorizing from the literature. The time allotted for each session is 30 minutes (20 minutes presentation/10 minutes discussion). Audience participation, as a principle of adult education, is stressed. Full papers submissions have a length of up to 8 pages.

(*NEW*) Research Roundtable Proposals: Research roundtables provide an opportunity to informally discuss research in progress and research issues with a group of participants. A 2 page summary/abstract will be published in the conference proceedings. The time allotted for each session is 50 minutes. Several roundtable discussions will take place concurrently in the same room with each presenter assigned to a different table.

(*NEW*) Symposium Proposals: A symposium presents diverse or conflicting perspectives on a compelling topic or issue that is or should be of concern to concept mapping community. A symposium should NOT be merely a presentation of a related set of papers. Symposia should include a 4 page formal paper and this paper will be published in the conference proceedings. The time allotted for each session is 50 minutes. Audience participation is encouraged.

Poster Presentations (with paper): The posters will form a visual display prepared by conference participants describing a research initiative, program, pedagogical model, and/or best practice on how concept mapping is applied in a variety of settings. Poster presentations serve as an effective forum for the exchange of information and a means to communicate ideas, research, and programs. Poster papers should have a maximum length of 4 pages and will be published in the conference proceedings.

(*NEW*) Poster Presentation (without paper). Posters that do not include a formal paper will also be accepted for presentation at the conference. Participants can submit a 500 word abstract if they are interested in presenting a poster without writing a formal paper. The abstracts will be reviewed for selection at the conference.

(*NEW*) Electronic Posters. There will be a limited number of electronic posters accepted at the conference. Electronic posters can be posters with or without a formal paper. The number of electronic posters available will be determined by the host site for the conference, and the decision will be made on space available and cost.

All papers should be written and presented in Spanish or English. The Proceedings of the Conference will be published as a book by the University of Chile and posted on the Conference web site.

All papers from previous conferences are available at and can be searched at

Time-line for Proposal Submission Process


To submit a paper, roundtable, poster, symposium, or showcase please go to the following web site: For each type of presentation follow the directions as to the page numbers and the format that is posted there.



CONFERENCE DATES: October 5, 6, 7, 2010

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