Politics of Design Intl Workshop (June 2010, Manchester UK)

Politics of Design – International Workshop, 24-25 June 2010, Manchester, UK.
Organised by the Manchester Architecture Research Centre

In the last decade numerous STS trained scholars engaged in a venture of unpacking design practices. Yet, to study the practical course of design means to be simultaneously involved in the subject of politics and in the particular sort of politics that is centred on objects (Latour & Weibel, Making Things Public). Recent studies in political philosophy and STS have argued that politics is not limited anymore to citizens, elections, votes, petitions, ideologies and particular institutionalised conflicts (DeVries, What is Political in Sub-politics?), and have reformulated the question of politics into one of cosmopolitics (Stengers, Cosmopolitics; Latour, Politics of Nature) and ontological politics (Mol, Actor Network Theory and After). The “political” is not defined as a way of codifying particular forms of contestation but as opening up new sites and objects of contestation (Barry, Political Machines).

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Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics (Jul/Aug 2010, Troy NY)

Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics – A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation.
First deadline: 29-Mar-2010 abstracts submitted through the web site.

How would you like to shape and take part in a conference where the main activity is to explore by listening, talking and questioning (conversing) rather than listen to, and give, prepared lectures; and where the aim is to move forward, taking next steps as a result of these conversations, rather than reporting on the already discovered? In other words, go to a conference where the intention is to move forward by conferring.

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Integrated Product Development Workshop (Sep 2010, Magdeburg Germany)

It gives me a great pleasure to invite you to the 8 th IPD Workshop that will be held from September 15th to 17th, 2010, in Magdeburg. The topics of the 8th Workshop are

  • Implementation and exploitation of IPD student projects in industry: Approaches, experiences, and pitfalls
  • Role and importance of Industrial Design and the shape of a product as “product language”
  • Influence and impact of work science
  • Sustainability, a new (?) challenge for IPD
  • Collaborative session: Introducing IPD MSc course of studies

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Speculation, Design, Public and Participatory Technoscience (Sep 2010, Trento Italy)

We invite you to submit an abstract to the track Speculation, Design, Public and Participatory Technoscience: Possibilities and Critical Perspectives at EASST 2010 in Trento, Italy, 2-4 September 2010.

Over the past decade there has been an increasing engagement between design and STS. One emerging and novel area of exchange is concerned with exploring the ways in which practices of ‘speculative design’ and STS concerns of publics, participation, politics as well as expectations come together to inform one another, to critique one another, and to collaborate in developing new modes of co-production of contemporary technoscience.  Although such associations are promising, they are nascent and in need of articulation and critical examination.

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SMART Center Santa Fe Creative Workshop (Jun/Jul 2010, New Mexico USA)

The SMART Center Santa Fe was begun in the summer of 2009 by Jack Sprague, the former Communication Design program coordinator at The University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design, and four associates with extensive academic and professional experience in design, academic administration, the performing and visual arts, computer engineering and marketing. It exists to provide immersive, week-long learning experiences for university students and professionals who are studying or practicing one of these disciplines or one closely related to them, or, as is more and more likely the case today, working across several disciplines simultaneously.

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International Conference on Architecture and Fiction (October 2010, Lisbon Portugal)

Once Upon a Place; Haunted Houses & Imaginary Cities – International Conference on Architecture and Fiction

Deadline for submissions: 2010-04-06

Once upon a Place haunted houses & imaginary cities is an international conference devoted to an emerging theme, taking place on the occasion of the Lisbon Triennial of Architecture 2010 and matching its official opening and exhibitions. Conference Venue – 10-14 October 2010 Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, Portugal.

Contact: onceuponaplace@gmail.com
URL: http://www.onceuponaplace.fa.utl.pt/

Design & Nature 2010 (June 2010, Pisa Italy)

The Fifth International Conference on Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering.
Organised By: Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
Sponsored By: International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics

View the conference website, which has full details about the conference objectives, topics and submission requirements at: http://www.wessex.ac.uk/design2010rem3.html

Design and Nature 2010 includes a Special Seminar on Constructal Law organised by Prof Adrian Bejan from Duke University, USA

Registration for Design and Nature 2010 is now open online via the conference website.

Participants who opt to have their paper permanently and openly accessible on the WIT Press eLibrary will receive a USB Flash Drive containing all the papers presented at previous conferences in the Urban Transport series.

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DesignInquiry Summer 2010: JOY (June 2010, Maine USA)

Does design create or embody joy, or does it merely create conditions for joy to emerge?  Is there joy in the designed artifact or in the act of design? Is a designer’s joy the same as a user’s joy?  What is the relationship between joy and play and how might design conjoin the two?  What might a taxonomy of joy look like?

DesignInquiry is a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in-based gatherings. It brings together practitioners from disparate fields to generate new work and ideas around a single topic.

For more information, visit http://designinquiry.net.

DPP 2010: 4th Intl Conf on Design Principles and Practises (February 2010, Chicago)

Detailed information is available at the Conference website.  The deadline for the current round in the Call for Papers is 14 January 2010.  Deadlines for future rounds will be posted at the website.

This Conference will address a range of critically important themes relating the design today. It is a place to explore the meaning and purpose of ‘design’, as well as speaking in grounded ways about the task of design and the use of designed artifacts and processes. The Conference is a cross-disciplinary forum which brings together researchers, teachers and practitioners to discuss the nature and future of design. The resulting conversations weave between the theoretical and the empirical, research and application, market pragmatics and social idealism.

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