Association of Art Historians Student Summer Symposium (June 2010, Leeds UK)

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 24 – 25 June 2010.
Call for Student Papers; deadline 28 Feb 2010.

Architectural Objects: Discussing Spatial Form Across Art Histories

The ‘spatial turn’ in the history of art has had a significant impact on the understanding of artistic practice and the built environment, and the formal and political complexities of space in a broader sense. This symposium explores the role of architectural theory and practice within multiple art histories, working across theoretical and aesthetic categories to redefine notions of space and form. From Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International, to the spatial environments of LeCorbusier and Robert Morris, this interrelationship has challenged and reconfigured canonic divisions between architecture, ornament, sculpture and performance. Within a global perspective, the ‘architectural object’ can be traced throughout many histories of cultural production, demonstrated within the sculpted interiors of temples and mosques, the conceptual forms of the stupa or reliquary, or the use of decorative ‘architectura’ within ornamental schemes.

Exploring the ‘architectural object’ as a recurring and ever-changing phenomenon, a two-day symposium will consider a diverse range of papers that discuss this theme across cultural and temporal divides. Topics might include but are not restricted to:

• Sculptural practice and architectural ornament
• Anthropological and cross-cultural studies of the architectural object
• Monumental buildings as public sculpture
• Performing architecture; the social production of space
• Interior design and sculpture; the structural/decorative divide
• The architectural maquette as art object; history of the conceptual model
• The church and the miniature; religious contexts

Keynote speakers include former Leverhulme Fellow Dr. Richard Checketts and former Henry Moore Foundation Fellow Dr. David Hulks. Architectural Objects is hosted in collaboration with the Henry Moore Institute’s Hermann Obrist exhibition, marking the wide-ranging ‘spatial’ production of the prolific architect, sculptor and designer.

Deadline for Paper Proposals: extended to 28 February 2010
To submit a proposal for this session please send a paper abstract no longer than 300 words, along with CV to:

Session Conveners:
Lara Eggleton, University of Leeds:,
Rosalind McKever, Kingston University:


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