SiGradDi 2010: Disruption, Modelling, and Construction: Shifting Dialogues (Nov 2010, Bogota Columbia)

SiGraDi (Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics) has been organizing conferences since 1997 and is the Southamerican peer of ECAADE, ACADIA, CAADRIA and ASCAAD, which some of you might be familiar with.  See

Congress that will be held between 17th and 19th November 2010 in Bogota, Colombia. It will be hosted by Universidad de los Andes, and put together by the Architecture and Design Department along with Engineering, Arts and Mathematics Departments in search for connections between disciplines.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1 April 2010.

Our 2010 main theme is Disruption, Modeling and Construction: Shifting Dialogues.

The papers and works can apply to the proposed theme and/or to SIGRADI interest areas that contribute to the knowledge field divided in the following areas and focus on:

Design supported by collaborative environments (CAD-i)

  • Simulation and numerical modeling
  • Complex dynamic system representation
  • Collaborative ambients based in simulation of complex phenomena
  • Modeling technique and simulation of complex phenomena to real time applications
  • Collaborative ambients evaluation

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI or HMHI)

  • Tangible interfaces
  • Haptic Interfaces
  • Collaboration interfaces
  • Training interfaces
  • Interface evaluation

Visualization and decision-making

  • Visual analytics
  • Support systems to Urban mobility decision
  • Support systems to Public Health decision

Urban interventions

  • Planning ambients
  • Prevention and emergency maneuvering
  • Ambientes para su gestión
  • Artistic insertions an Manifestations

New media in heritage conservation

  • Representation and visualization of architectonic heritage
  • Support to reconstruction of cultural heritage (arqueology, anthropology)

Didactics and curriculum

  • Digital tools fabrication to support teaching
  • Alternative visualization systems – Enhanced reality, virtual reality, etc
  • Collaborative systems to Project definition
  • Didactic experiments based on disruptive use of Tic’s

Disruption poetics

  • Idea, discontinuity, chance, collisions, accidents, chaos, final work
  • Disruptive events inside creation projects
  • Creation, chaos, chance

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English


About Fil Salustri
I'm a design methodologist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Adjectives that describe me include: secular humanist, meritocrat, and long-winded. Some people call me a positivist too, as if that were a bad thing. Go figure. My real home page is

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