DESIRE 2010: 1st DESIRE Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design (Aug 2010, Denmark)

16-17 August 2010, Aarhus University, Denmark;
Full paper submission deadline: 20 April 2010.

The DESIRE Network is pleased to announce the First Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design, to be held in Aarhus, Denmark on 16‐17 August, 2010. The conference theme is theories and models of the creative processes in design. Full papers are invited on topics dealing with methods, tools and techniques for supporting creative design processes, innovation, and creativity training.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Erik Stolterman, Director, Human-Computer Interaction Design Program, Indiana University
Prof. Barbara Tversky, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
…more to be announced

Call for Papers

For more information and submission process see:

The conference is organized by the DESIRE Network, which is an Initial Training Network funded by the European Commission, Framework 7 under Marie Curie Actions Programme. The network aims to advance the current understanding of creative design processes applied in scientific and technological problem solving. The network involves seven partner institutions from Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal and is coordinated by the Lancaster University, UK. The network brings together researchers from the fields of interaction design, computer science, cognitive modeling, and psychology of reativity as well as artists and design practitioners.

The DESIRE conference is organized as a forerunner to the DIS Conference to be held in Aarhus, Denmark on August 18‐20, 2010. For further information, please see

Bo T. Christensen (Chair), Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School,,
Suzan Boztepe, Post‐Doctoral Research Fellow, Copenhagen Business School,,
Tore Kristensen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School,


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  1. Nuje says:

    This should be held next week.


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