Teaching History of Graphic Design (Oct 2010, Virginia)

Title: Teaching History of Graphic Design: A Bore or a Blast?
Deadline: April 20, 2010. Send an abstract of the paper (no more than 200 words) and a current CV.
Website: http://www.secollegeart.org/annual-conference.html.

This session will be part of the 2010 joint meeting of SECAC and the Mid-America College Art Association (MACAA) will be in Richmond, Virginia October 20-23, and will be hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University.

Call for papers and presentations: Topics can include but are not limited to the following questions. As graphic design educators, how have you overcome the challenges of teaching history of graphic design (HGD)? Who is your audience in teaching HGD? Does learning HGD impact studio practice among your students? Do you combine lecture and studio projects in teaching HGD? Does HGD give purpose meaning or direction to the field of graphic design and how is it relevant to contemporary practice of graphic design today? What are challenges and results of teaching HGD as historians from art history departments, vs. teaching as non-historians with MFA degrees in graphic design departments? At what level of undergraduate study is it best to introduce HGD? How should teaching HGD be different at graduate level? Is graphic design theory and criticism relevant to teaching undergraduate HGD? To what extend do you introduce HGD in other studio courses in graphic design? Other general areas of interest may pertain to challenges and successes with your syllabus, teaching methodology and rubrics, methods of examination for content and image recognition, writing short essays, journals and research papers, or an overview of successful design projects in HGD.

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Portrait of the City: framing the significance of historic urban landscapes (Dec 2010, Dublin)

PORTRAIT OF THE CITY. Framing the significance of historic urban landscapes
Dublin Castle,  December 9th, 10th and 11th 2010
Deadline call for abstracts: May 15th 2010

All information available at www.portrait-of-the-city.com.

We invite scholars and students to this international conference to discuss the ways cities have set out to present themselves to both natives and newcomers. In order to elucidate these topics, we have invited international scholars from different fields as keynote speakers.

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Reviewers for 6th Conf of the Swiss Design Network (Oct 2010, Switzerland)

The Sixth Annual Conference of the Swiss Design Network on October 28 – 30, 2010, in Basel, Switzerland, brings together scholars, professionals and students who come from diverse backgrounds and share interests in design and design research.

Program reviewers experienced in the research topics, practices, methods and epistemologies appropriate to design research serve the invaluable role of shaping the conference. The quality of a selective research conference depends on the quality of its reviewing process. Therefore the Swiss Design Network and the Academy of Art and Design FHNW in Basel kindly ask for your participation as a reviewer.  Deadline to volunteer: 4 April 2010.

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Design Research :: Methods (Book)

Editors: David Durling, Lin-Lin Chen, Keiichi Sato
Proposals due 14 May 2010.

This call for chapters is for a handbook of research methods used in design disciplines. The book will provide an overview of past and present research methodologies and methods typical in design related fields of inquiry that are demonstrably robust and successful.

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ServDes.2010: ExChanging Knowledge (Dec 2010, Sweden)

ServDes.2010 ExChanging Knowledge
1-3 December, Linköping, Sweden

Deadline for all paper contributions is June 19 2010.

The Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation, ServDes, is the premier research conference within service design and service innovation. Submitted contributions are subject to a double-blind peer-review process. Accepted contributions will be published electronically and in the conference proceedings.

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Design and Health Special Journal 2010 – AMJ (Australiasian Medical Journal)

Following the very successful Special Edition on ‘Health and Design’ in 2009, we invite you to submit papers for the Special Edition on Health and Design September 2010. AMJ (Australiasian Medical Journal) www.amj.net.au is a new and rapidly developing medical journal that is open to all innovative opportunities. Please follow this link to download the invitation:


300 word abstract due 1 April 2010.

ICoRD’11: Intl Conf on Research into Design (Jan 2011, Bangalore)

The International Conference on Research into Design (ICoRD ’11) is planned to be held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, during 10-12 January 2011.  The conference is intended to provide a platform that fosters interactions between design researchers in India and the international community. This mail is to alert you about ICoRD ‘11 so that you have enough time to plan for submitting papers for the conference.

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Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture (Sep 2010)

Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture aims to explore how the complexities of being in time find visual form. Crucial to this undertaking is accounting for how, from prehistory to the present, cultures around the world conceive of and construct their present and the concept of presentness visually. Through scholarly writings from a number of academic disciplines in the humanities, together with contributions from artists and filmmakers, Contemporaneity maps the diverse ways in which cultures use visual means to record, define, and interrogate their historical context and presence in time.

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OZCHI 2010: Australia’s leading forum on HCI (Nov 2010, Brisbane)

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane,Queensland, Australia
22nd -26th Nov 2010

OZCHI is Australia’s leading forum for work on the design and study of Human-Computer Interaction and CHISIG’s (http://www.chisig.org) annual non-profit conference. OZCHI attracts an international community of practitioners, researchers, academics and students from a wide range of disciplines including user experience designers, information architects, software engineers, human factors experts, information systems analysts, social scientists and managers. We welcome perspectives from design, architecture, engineering, planning, social science and creative industries among other disciplines.

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Intl J of Design: Special Issue on Integrating Systems Thinking and Design Action

Full Paper Due: 31 May 2010

The scope of design has grown from a narrow focus on the function and aesthetics of objects to a broader focus on creating intentional change in society and culture through the creation of new products, services, systems, and environments. As part of this shift of focus, design inquiry is increasingly being adopted in a growing number of disciplines as a path toward innovative progress on real issues. Furthermore, as design continues to address ever more complex problems, its expanding scope appears to be increasingly overlapping with systems design. Therefore, we at the International Journal of Design believe it is an ideal time to once again consider the relationship between systems thinking and design action.

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