ADDW’10: Accessible Design in the Digital World (Sep 2010, Greece)

Dates: 27th-30th September 2010

Following the successful Accessible Design in the Digital World Conference in Dundee in August 2005, and in York in September 2008, we are pleased to announce that Accessible Design in the Digital World ’10 (ADDW’10), will be held at the University of the Aegean, in the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering from 27th – 30th September 2010. The department is located on the island of Syros in Cyclades, Greece.

This is an IFIP approved event (TC 13.3 – HCI and Disability).

The ADDW series of conferences aims at providing opportunities for discussion and debate among those at the front-line of design and development work and those providing guidance regarding accessible and inclusive design.

This year’s conference in Syros will provide an opportunity for researchers, designers and practitioners to discuss and debate the possibilities for accessibility and usability in the emerging world of Web 2.0, ubiquitous and pervasive technologies, and user experience.

Keynote speakers will include:

Workshops (half a day each)

  • Evaluating Web Accessibility
  • Cognitive Ergonomics and Accessibility

Exhibition and Posters

We invite contributions for posters and exhibits from designers and researchers. These will be on display throughout the conference, although there will a  special session for interacting with the creators

Call for Papers

We invite papers that offer contributions to research, development and practice in the field of accessible design in the digital world. These may be in the form of empirical research, conceptual papers, theory building or case studies.

More specifically, the programme committee is looking for papers covering all aspects of accessible design in the digital world that may cover topic(s) falling into at least one of the following broad areas:

  • New methods for inclusive design of accessible objects which enhance the quality of the user experience of technology and e-services.
  • Emerging technologies and developments for inclusive and accessible design which will provide better experiences for users.
  • The impact of inclusive design and its implementation – on designers, developers, users, service providers, etc.
  • Suggested applications could be, but are not limited to:
    • internet based products and systems
    • cultural heritage experiences, (interactive exhibits in museums, libraries, etc.)
    • entertainment and learning (games, interactive play, uses of digital television);
    • self service terminals (ATMS, ticket machines, etc); and
    • accessible ambient intelligence

Important Dates

1st June 2010: Deadline for paper submissions (full papers up to 8 pages, short papers/posters up to 4 pages)

1st July 2010: Acceptance Notification

15th August 2010: Deadline for final papers

Submission procedure

See instructions for authors

Review process

Submissions will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers from the programme committee. They will be evaluated based on their relevance to the conference, their originality, the significance of their contribution and clarity of the writing. All accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings on DVD.

After The Conference

We have arranged a special issue of the journal Universal Access in the Information Society. Authors will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers for this special issue by 1st of December 2010. Papers should be presented in the journal’s format and will be independently reviewed.

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