SBCS 2010: 1st Brazilian Symposium on Services Science and 1st Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Network on Services (Nov 2010, Brazilia)

Submission deadline: 15 July 2010.
Venue and date of the event: Brazilia, 17-19 November 2010.

Services science is a multidisciplinary field which brings together the different areas of knowledge focused on the study of services. These include, inter alia, engineering, administration, economics, design and the social sciences.  In this respect we hope that the Brazilian Symposium on Services Science will attract papers from authors working in the different areas of expertise concerned with the study of services activities.  Initially, authors of such papers are invited to send summaries of papers for evaluation.  Authors whose summaries are accepted by the evaluators will be invited to submit complete versions of their papers for presentation during the Symposium.  Publication of selected papers in their complete versions is not obligatory and authors may simply agree to their summaries being published.

The economic importance of services activities is growing apace.  The role of services and their relationship with other sectors of economic activity and in international trade is an accepted fact in the more highly developed economies, as well as in countries currently seeking to consolidate their growth strategies.  The burgeoning of services activities and the increasing interest in the subject by researchers, academics and business practitioners have been deciding factors for us to meet, present and discuss the range of studies and experiences concerned to date with services.  The Ist Brazilian Symposium on Services Science is the result.

This will take place in Brazilia on 17 – 19 November 2010.  The idea is that this Symposium should serve as a useful forum for representatives of the academic, government and business sectors committed to the study and promotion of services and services systems to come together for discussion and experience-sharing. It is hoped that a permanent organization charged with taking forward the debate on Services Science in Brazil will emerge from the proposed Symposium.

This initiative also coincides with the interest that has been shown to broaden the debate to encompass other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The Symposium will also be an opportunity for the holding of the first meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Network on Services Research (REDLAS). This Network represents a point of contact between Latin American and Caribbean researchers dedicated to studying services. REDLAS is fortunate to have the support of the European Services Research Network (

Preferred themes for papers

  • Innovation, quality and productivity in services
  • Development, modeling and simulation of new services
  • Public services,  e-government and public policies and services
  • Development of softwares and software as a service
  • Service systems engineering
  • Lean service
  • Services and their relationship with local development as well as sustainable development
  • International trade, external investment in services, international rating of services; services globalization
  • The economics of services
  • Employment and labor relations in services
  • Services experience and joint creation of services
  • Impact of TICs on services and services based on TICs
  • Communications services
  • Services networks, value chains and value optimization of services
  • Strategy, marketing and brand management related to services
  • Relationship between services and culture
  • Infrastructure services
  • Services in PPPs
  • Business services and intensive knowledge-based services
  • Services and tourism
  • R & D Management in services
  • Interaction between industry and services
  • Ad hoc subjects related to services and services systems

Papers which are not directly concerned with the above preferred themes but which deal with services are welcome and can be forwarded to the organizers of the event. These contributions will be grouped under Proposed Theme 23 above (ad hoc related subjects).

Papers can be submitted and presented at the event in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Interpretation/translation services will not be available at the event. Dates for submitting papers, as well as details of the site for submission will be informed shortly. Further information can be obtained by e-mail from the Symposium organizing commission or by accessing

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