Interior Ecologies: IDEA JOURNAL 2010

Academics, research students and practitioners are invited to submit design research papers and critical project works that engage with interior design/interior architecture theory and practice for the IDEA JOURNAL 2010.
Deadline for registration of interest: 7 June 2010.


The IDEA JOURNAL 2010 provocation Interior Ecologies: exposing the evolutionary interior seeks to elicit emergent interior debates on contemporary spatial, material and performative practices. Can a critical ecological approach to practice and discourse in interiors enable expanded locales for research and experiment across disciplinary and theoretical boundaries? Normative concepts concerned with the designed habitat, or discursive debates around the interfaces of interior and exterior conditions, may fall short in provoking interior thinking to engage through ecologies of practice that contribute to advancing environments, technologies and cultures. Interior Ecologies requests expressions of interest regarding theoretical research, design practice and educational accounts that promote the concept of evolutionary interiors. Examinations of historical, contemporary and relational perspectives for constructed situations and/or events are welcome.

The IDEA JOURNAL 2010 will expose the engagement of interior practice in ecological, political, cultural and economic systems. We invite scholarly accounts of writing and projects that move across disciplinary perspectives and temporal systems into an open-ended enquiry into ecologies for and of the interior.


DESIGN RESEARCH PAPERS that demonstrate development and engagement with interior design/interior architecture history, theory, education and practice through critique and synthesis. The focus is on the documentation and critical review of both speculative research and practice-based research

REFEREED STUDIOS that represent the nature and outcomes of refereed design studios which have either been previously peer reviewed in situ and/or critically discussed through text and imagery for the IDEA JOURNAL.

PROJECT REVIEWS that critically evaluate design-based works which seek to expand the nature of spatial and theoretical practice in interior design/interior architecture and associated disciplines.

PROPOSALS FOR BOOK REVIEWS to encourage debate into the emerging literature dedicated to the expression and expansion of the theory and practice of interior design/interior architecture

Registration of Interest

Authors are invited to register their interest in submitting a paper on the form following and forward by email to the Executive Editor, Gini Lee by June 7 2010.
Registration of interest is not refereed.
Acknowledgement of Registration constitutes development of proposal to full research paper, refereed studio or project review.

Registration of interest June 7 2010
Final date for submission of full papers September 3 2010
Final date for return of referees* reports October 15 2010
Notification to authors October 29 2010
Final date for submission of revised papers November 19 2010
Expected publication date December 2010

The IDEA JOURNAL is a publication of the Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association. Established in 1996, the purpose of IDEA is the advancement of education by encouraging and supporting excellence in interior design/interior architecture education and research within Australasia; and being the regional authority on, and advocate for interior design/interior architecture education and research.
ACN 135 337 236

Interior Ecologies: IDEA JOURNAL 2010

To be completed by author/s interested in submitting a paper. If you are submitting more than one paper/studio/review please complete a registration of interest form for each submission.




Telephone: Fax:

Title of submission:

Please nominate Design Research Paper, Refereed Studio, Project Review or Book Review:

Brief description of paper paper/studio/review: (Approximately 50 words)

Email or fax Registration of Interest to:
Dr Gini Lee
Executive Editor, IDEA Journal
School of Design, Queensland University of Technology
GPO Box 2434 Brisbane Queensland 4001 Australia
t: +61 7 31382535 f:+61 7 31381528

Deadline for submission: To be received no later than June 7 2010.

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