CFP: “Participatory Design with Health & Social Care Institutions” PDC2010 workshop (Sydney, Australia)

Monday 29th November, 2010, Sydney, Australia.
Participatory Design has much to offer in the reconfiguration of health and social care to cope with changing demographics and ageing populations. However, these domains offer distinctive challenges for PD. For example:

  • how to fully involve participants who may have limited capabilities;
  • how to influence large institutions where positivist approaches to knowledge and research may predominate;
  • how to relate to the interests of, and existing power relations between patients, health and care workers, taxpayers, insurers and private owners;
  • how to operate within formalised frameworks for ethical regulation.

This workshop will explore the pragmatics of conducting participatory design activities in the health and social care sectors.

The workshop provides an exciting opportunity to:

  • share experiences and stories of designing in and with the healthcare institutions;
  • reflect on recent and ongoing design activity within health and social care;
  • contribute to the production of the ‘way forward’ for PD in health and social care.

To participate in the workshop, please send a 2-4 page story about your Participatory Design activities in health and social care, concentrating on your experience, the challenges faced and how you did/did not overcome them to

The workshop outline and example stories of UCHD’s PD activities are available for download at

Deadline for papers is September 20th
Notification of acceptance by September 24th
Early registration deadline for the conference is October 1st

For details on the conference and registration, see

Workshop organisers:
Daniel Wolstenholme, Mark Cobb (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)
Simon Bowen, Andy Dearden (Sheffield Hallam University)
Peter Wright (Newcastle University)
Lone Malmborg (IT University of Copenhagen)
Eva Brandt (Danmarks Designskole)


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