Sustainability through biomimicry: Discovering a world of solutions inspired by nature (Nov 2011, Saudi Arabia)

Dates: 28-30 November 2011
Submission deadline: abstracts by 12 Mar 2011; full papers by 28 May 2011

First international conference
Organized by the College of Design

The effects of our present lifestyles on the environment are leading towards drastic conditions of major climatic changes as well as the depletion of earth’s natural resources. The way to address this situation is to either sustain natural resources or emulate nature which is already sustainable. Even though much emphasis is placed on matters of sustainability, very few lessons from nature, which is inherently sustainable, find their way into design.

The process of biomimicry also known as biomimetics or biologically inspired designs, involves finding solutions to design problems by emulating the natural world. This is done through the imitation of nature‘s forms, processes and ecosystems to more effectively and sustainably meet design challenges. It also provides potential frameworks to understand how nature works as a system and is therefore a productive and insightful tool for re-imagining the built world.

We invite researchers, educators and professionals from various fields such as architecture, urban design, engineering, design, biology, chemistry, physics and geology to cross their disciplinary boundaries, explore fields of cooperation and share their knowledge and experiences to achieve the ultimate goal of a sustainable built environment.

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alt.HCI at British HCI 2011 (Jul 2011, UK)

Call for Papers: alt.HCI at British HCI 2011
Submission deadline: 28 Feb 2011

alt.hci is a new category this year at British HCI 2011 We invite papers with topics and/or approaches that are too controversial, exploratory, and/or unconventional to get into the mainstream HCI conferences. Submitted work must stand scrutiny and must offer a valuable perspective to the HCI community, but it does not need to conform to the strictures for long and short papers (except in formatting).  In essence, any compelling paper which will provoke new ideas or stir up discussions within the community is appropriate.

The deadline for submissions is 28th Feb 2011. The assessment process is by jury. This year the jury is Shaowen Bardzell of Indiana University, Tuck Wah Leong of Newcastle University, and Ann Light of Sheffield Hallam University. Authors will be notified on 1st April 2011.

Accepted alt.hci papers will be published archivally in the ACM Digital Library. For this reason, we require a short paper of high quality (max 6 pages), following the BCS paper format (  The actual presentation at the conference may be in the form of short talk, poster or performance, depending on the nature of the submission.

7th Intl Conf on Technology, Knowledge and Society (Mar 2011, Spain)

Location: University of Basque Country – Universidad del Pais-Vasco – Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Bilbao, Spain
Dates: 25-27 March 2011
Submission Deadline: 15 Feb 2011

We are pleased to host the Technology Conference this year at the Universidad del Pais Vasco – Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea in Bilbao, Spain.  One of Spain’s most important economic centers, Bilbao has several key industrial sectors including aeronautics, electronics and information technology.  Bilbao has also recently undergone an urban resurgence. The most noticeable on its skyline is the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum.

This conference will address a range of critically important themes in the various fields that address the complex and subtle relationships between technology, knowledge and society. The conference is cross-disciplinary in scope, meeting points for technologists with a concern for the social and social scientists with a concern for the technological. The focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on information and communications technologies.

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Special Issue of Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & Fashion – Chinese Fashion Practice (March 2011)

Submission Deadline: 25 March 2011

The special issue scheduled for Spring 2012 will focus on contemporary Chinese fashion practice, including, but not limited to, the following two themes:

  1. Contemporary Chinese fashion from a creator’s perspective: How are global brands performing in China? What are their challenges and opportunities? How do Chinese brandsand designers cope in the globalized era, including their design process, aesthetics, thinking,and marketing strategies in the context of globalized Chinese fashion? Special attention will be given to Chinese designers’ interactions with international fashion and the processof their internationalization.
  2. Contemporary Chinese fashion from a wearer’s perspective: The fashions Chinese choose to wear reflect the changing cultural, political, and economic issues that China is now experiencing. Under the influence of world fashion and global brands, what fashion choices do Chinese have, and how and why do they make these choices that reflect theirchanging identity, values, and ideals?

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WikiSym 2011: 7th Intl Symp on Wikis and Open Collaboration (Oct 2011, California)

Dates: October 3-5, 2011 | Mountain View, California
Submission Deadline: 1 April 2011

The International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration (WikiSym) is the premier conference on open collaboration and related technologies. In 2011, WikiSym celebrates its 7th year of scholarly, technical and community innovation in Mountain View, California at the Microsoft Research Campus in Silicon Valley.

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Journal of Research Practice (JRP) Special Issue: On Reflecting and Making in Artistic Research Practice (Feb 2011)

Proposals due: February 28, 2011

Over the last 2 decades, a lively discussion has developed about the relationship between art and research. The roles of the professional artist and the professional researcher have come closer to one another and often merged in fruitful ways. The new institutional connection between research and art/design has promoted much discussion concerning how reflecting and making may be combined in productive ways.

A special issue of the Journal of Research Practice (JRP) will focus on artistic research practice, drawing attention to the process of expressing, performing, creating, inventing, in short, reflecting and making, in the process of art and research. The special issue will cover the overlapping area between art and research. It will give a platform to artists who are exposing some form of inquiry within the context of their art practice.

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CHI 2011 Workshop: Large Displays in Urban Life: From Exhibition Halls to Media Facades (May 2011, Vancouver)

Dates: 7 May 2011
Workshop submissions deadline: January 14, 2011 extended January 30, 2011

Call for Participation

The goal of this one-day CHI 2011 workshop is to cross-fertilize insights from different disciplines, to establish a more general understanding of large interactive displays in public urban contexts, and to develop an agenda for future research directions in this area. Rather than focusing on paper presentations, this workshop aims to trigger active and dynamic group discussions around the following topics:

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A note of thanks!

Since it was started in October 2009, this blog has been hit over 55,000 times and has 29 actual subscribers from all over the world (France, Thailand, Australia, India, USA, UK, to name a few – even Canada!).  The hit rate has been climbing slowly ever since it started.  I also know that the Design Society uses this blog to help build it’s own list of events, and I’m most gratified by that.

I would note that I’m happy to add other authors to this blog; besides the purely selfish goal of lowering the number of posts I make myself, I’d like to think this is one way that we can all work together.

The bottom line is this: thanks!

Call for Papers: TRIP (Textiles Research in Process) Symposium

TRIP : An international symposium exploring the role and relevance of traditional hand skills in contemporary textiles, and the value and status of craft process.

Date :  16th November 2011
Organisers :  Val Beattie & Kerry Walton in collaboration with the
Textile Research Group and Duck online journal for research in textiles and textile design
Venue :  School of the Arts, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK

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Call for Submissions: DUCK Journal for Research in Textiles and Textile Design

DUCK Journal for Research in Textiles and Textile Design: Call for Submissions

Current Call: “What is the impact of austerity on craft making and fashion design?”

The impact of recession and periods of austerity have led to changes in textile making and the skill base that supports these activities. The recent financial difficulties in the UK are resulting in an increase in craft based workshops, retail outlets stocking textile supplies and temporary shops popping up in residential areas that offer sewing machine classes and pay-by-the-hour sewing machines. Students and graduates of textile design courses are experiencing difficulties in obtaining work placements and employment in the sector. However, speaking recently Karl Lagerfeld said that his work in fashion design has not been affected as he is working in a global arena where not all markets are in recession. The Crafts Council reported in April 2009 that although there was a slight decrease in visitor numbers to recent contemporary craft events, there was no discernable impact on sales figures. They envisaged however a shift in the demographic of the contemporary crafts consumer. Changes in consumer attitudes and a reduction in the teaching of textile skills in schools has led to a generation with different perceptions of making.

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