7th Design Research Conf: Integrative Design, Social Networks, & Public Health (Oct 2011, Spokane)

Dates: 06-07 Oct 2011

Location: Spokane, WA USA

Deadline for proposals: 06 April 2011

Website:  http://spokane.wsu.edu/academics/Design/ResearchService/focus_week/

Call for Proposals

The focus of the 2011 Design Research Conference is on integrative design, social networks and public health.  The aim is to bring together people concerned with design, social well-being, and public health to focus on two kinds of issues: (1) understanding the role of the built environment in public health and social well-being particularly issues relating to social connectivity; the health of children, the elderly, the poor, and working families; social justice, obesity and related illnesses; and (2) developing, designing, implementing, and evaluating prevention and intervention strategies for the built environment to address such issues.  The conference seeks papers on places, practices, participation and research that advance our understanding on how to work together to benefit public health, neighborhood social well-being and built environmental design.

Details of the conference theme and submission guidelines are available at the conference website.

Submissions should include a cover page (including name, title, organization, and 2-3 sentence biographical statement) and an abstract for the proposed presentation (paper, panel session, workshop) that is no more than 400 words in length.  The deadline for proposal submissions is 06 April 2011.  Submissions should be emailed as a MS Word attachment to Bryan Orthel, bdorthel@wsu.edu.

The conference is hosted by the Interdisciplinary Design Institute, Washington State University Spokane.

Questions about the conference may be directed to John Abell, PhD, abellj@wsu.edu.


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