anti-po-des journal volume 2 (Dec 2011)

Design Futures : Laboratories and design foundations
Deadline for abstracts: 30 Dec 2011

New Zealand’s international reputation as a ‘social laboratory’ emerged at the end of the 19th century as a result of innovative labour relations, universal suffrage for women and social welfare legislation. This reputation for social innovation inflects the powerful cultural myth of #8 wire-technological innovation based on rapid adoption and adaptation of industrial production to the diverse environmental conditions of southern islands remote from the major industrial centres.

However, as with all industrialising nations, New Zealand made considerable efforts to develop a sustaining design culture, from the first industrial exhibition in 1865 and the implementation of formal design education in 1870, to the New Zealand Industrial Design Council (1967-88), Designers Institute of New Zealand (1991-) and BetterByDesign (2004-).

Design laboratories

This issue of anti-po-des seeks submissions on either the foundations or futures of design. The central question to be addressed is: In what ways has design contributed to, or undermined innovative social change in the past, what is design’s present role in terms of social innovation, and how might design work constructively with other disciplines in enhancing human development and advancing social and environmental wellbeing?

We welcome contributions addressing any aspect of design and its relationship to regional, national or trans-national social experiments in the past or present.

The Guest Editors for anti-po-des 2 are Noel Waite, Lynne Ciochetto and Amanda Bill.

The deadline for abstracts is currently December 30, 2011 for a 2012 publication date. We would appreciate abstracts that, once accepted, will be followed up with a paper submission. Abstracts are reviewed by the journal article peer review process.

anti-po-des is an online journal. Please view the current research papers, vision statements, etc on the journal website


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