8th Intl Conf on Design and Emotion (Sep 2012, London)

Theme: Out Of Control
Location: Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, London UK
Dates: 11th-14th September 2012
Website: http://www.csm.arts.ac.uk/de2012/
Deadline for papers and case studies: UPDATED: 8 pm GMT, 8th February, 2012

This conference is a forum held every other year where practitioners, academics and industry leaders meet and exchange knowledge and insights concerning the cross-disciplinary field of design and emotion.

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Marx and the Aesthetic (May 2012, Amsterdam)

Location: Universiteit van Amsterdam
Dates: May 10 – 13, 2012
Deadline for submissions: Jan 31, 2012
Contact: mail@marxandtheaesthetic.org

The aim of this conference is twofold: on the one hand, to analyse the role of the aesthetic in the writings of Marx and, on the other, to examine works of art and literature which are based on, or have been directly inspired by, Marx’s writings. At the core of this conference, then, is an attempt to think the immanent relation between the aesthetic and emancipatory conceptions of politics.

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9th ASME Intl Conf on Design Education (Feb 2012, Chicago)

Dates: 12-15 August 2012
Location: Chicago, USA
Deadline for abstracts: 6 February 2012
Website: http://www.asmeconferences.org/IDETC2012/

The Design Education Committee of the Design Engineering Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is pleased to announce the 9th International Conference on Design Education.

With the success of the 2011 International Conference on Design Education (DEC), the theme for 2012 continues the emphasis on scholarship in design education and the creation of archival literature in this area.  Three strands of paper topics that fall under the scholarship of design education umbrella include: 1) Scholarly Research in Design Education, 2) Student Engagement in Design Education, and 3) Best Practices in Design and Design Education. Eleven sessions for the conference that highlight these areas are described in the detailed topic announcements below.  These have been selected to emphasize fundamentals and quantification in the design education field.  Authors are encouraged to submit their best work to the most appropriate topic area ­ topics and sessions will later be adjusted to create the most effective conference program.  Key papers will be advanced to the Journal of Mechanical Design. The organizers look forward to your taking part in the scholarly exchange, and to seeing you in Chicago!

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Digital Creativity: Special Issue on Design Fictions (March 2012)

Deadline for extended abstracts: 5 March 2012
Website: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/NDCR

Digital Creativity is a major peer-reviewed journal at the intersection of the creative arts and digital technologies. It publishes articles of interest to those involved in the practical task and theoretical aspects of making or using digital media in creative contexts. By the term ‘creative arts’ we include such disciplines as fine art, graphic design, illustration, photography, printmaking, sculpture, 3D design, interaction design, product design, textile and fashiondesign, film making, animation, games design, music, dance, drama, creative writing, poetry, interior design, architecture, and urban design.

This special issue of the journal invites papers, projects and reviews exploring and developing the notion of Design Fictions. One of the early proponents ofDesign Fictions, the author Bruce Sterling, said that design: “seeks out ways to jump over its own conceptual walls – scenarios, user observation, brainstorming, rapid prototyping, critical design, speculative design” (Sterling, 2009). Despite the current burgeoning of this field and its various histories and antecedents, the coming together of design and fiction, as ‘design fictions’, remains relatively underexplored.

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18th Intl ICE Conf on Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (June 2012, Munich)

Location: 18-20 June 2012
Location: Munich, Germany
Conference theme: Innovation by Collaboration and Entrepreneurial Partnerships.
Website:  http://www.ice-conference.org/Home/Call-for-papers.aspx
Full paper submissions: 15 February 2012
Optional abstracts submission: 15 January 2012

Our community, consisting of academics, industrialists, managers, entrepreneurs and politicians, offers a big platform for knowledge transfer, scientific and applied discussions and active networking. Scientific results and practical contributions will be discussed in paper or workshop sessions. Key note speeches offer insights to relevant topics from science to policy to industry. Networking events provide the possibility of launching new projects and ensure a proactive knowledge transfer.

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J for Artistic Research, Issue 2 (Feb 2012)

Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2012
Website: http://www.jar-online.net

Artistic research is a newly emergent and rapidly evolving field, whose status is still hotly debated. The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) has been launched to provide an influential voice in this debate, conceived as a platform for the re-negotiation of the relationship between art and academia, and the role and function of research in artistic practice.

Supporting JAR’s publishing activities is the innovative repository for the documentation of artistic research, the Research Catalogue (RC). An upgraded version of this free-to-use software and database will be online on the occasion of JAR 1. Through RC, we welcome submissions to the second issue of JAR by 15th February 2012. Please visit our website for further information.

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IDEA JOURNAL 2012: Writing/drawing: negotiating the perils and pleasures of interiority (Feb 2012)

Guest Editor: Dr Sarah Treadwell
Deadline for registration of interest, 50 word abstract and image if appropriate: 10 February 2012
Website: http://www.idea-edu.com/Journal/2012/2012-IDEA-Journal

The forthcoming issue of the IDEA JOURNAL calls for contributions in the form scholarly essays, visual essays and theorized creative practice on the topic of Writing /Drawing: negotiating the perils and pleasures of interiority.

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ACM Trans Computer-Human Interaction Special Issue on Sustainable HCI through Everyday Practices (Feb 2012)

ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI)
Special Issue on “Sustainable HCI through Everyday Practices”
Deadline for Abstract Submissions: February 1, 2012
Website: http://tochi.acm.org/si/sustainable.shtml

In this special issue, we build on such works to broaden the scope of investigation for sustainable HCI from individual behaviors to everyday social and cultural practices. Consideration of the complex interweaving of social, cultural, material and mental components of everyday consumption activities has much to offer sustainable HCI and interrelated work addressing pressing social and environmental issues. In studying people’s everyday practices and how they relate to sustainability, it becomes clear that everyday life is not only a locus of intervention for sustainable HCI; it equally raises issues about and provides opportunities for how HCI can and should approach sustainability. Further details in the website.

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