Design Gymnastics Workshop (July 2012, Berlin)

Application deadline: Friday, 25 May 2012
Dates: 16-20 July 2012
Location: Berlin, Germany

to explore the sensorial approach to design; the new science of living

The sensorial qualities in design are the foundations of future living concepts. Masayo Ave, a Japanese architect/designer and the founder of Haptic Interface Design Institute, is a considerable pioneer who explores the studies on sensorial qualities in the field of industrial design for more than two decades.

Masayo Ave has been developing a variety of design exercise method named DESIGN GYMNASTICS, using a new sensorial approach to basic principles of design. The series of the exercise are studied carefully to stimulate and cultivate human sensorial curiosity and competence – it’s flexibility, agility and balance – by stretching the design muscles supported by human’s five senses, yet include also “the sixth sense”.

Opening her institute atelier to the international design experimenters with enthusiasm and interest to learn about the new sensorial design approach, the 2nd edition of the summer design workshop “DESIGN GYMNASTICS@Berlin 2012”  will take place in 16-20 July 2012 in Berlin. The 5 days concentrate workshop will be held in the institute’s new workshop atelier in the historical masterpiece architecture designed by Pier Vago, which is deeply hidden in Berlin Tiergarten – the huge forest central park located in the heart of Berlin city.

Each day is filled with introductive lectures, hands-on exercise of Design Gymnastic, creative brain storming, discussion, analysis and presentation. which encourages the participants to investigate basic truths and potentials of the new science of living. The workshop is performed for a group of 12 participants. The workshop is a truly unique occasion to share the intensive sensorial research experiences as well as to exchange the view with other participants with a variety of international backgrounds.

Application deadline: Friday, 25 May 2012

For the further information about the workshop program and application, please visit:

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