3rd Creative Prototyping summer school, Howest Industrial Design Center, September 3 – 7, 2012

The 3rd edition of the Creative Prototyping summer school, organized by Howest Industrial Design Center, is an opportunity for designers, engineers, (PhD) students, teachers, researchers and creative-technical people from all over the world to train their model making skills.

During 1 week full of maker workshops, people meet like-minded individuals who share the passion for design and prototyping, co-creation and materialization of ideas.

The participants are coached by professionals such as Lékué (Barcelona), Jürgen Heinl (former BMW modeler, München), Pilipili product design, Atohms design and many others.

Workshop programme: quick & dirty prototyping, clay modeling, laser cutting, 3D printing, wood turning, welding, plastic shaping processes, product photography, 3D scanning, foam modeling and arduino open source electronics (makey makey invention kit for everyone).

Place: Howest Industrial Design Center, Kortrijk, Belgium

When: September 3rd – September 7th 2012

Info and subscribe: www.howest.be/summerschool2012

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQAHsL8dzEE

9th Integrated Product Development Workshop (Sept 2012, Magdeburg Germany)

Dates: 5-7 September 2012
Location: Magdeberg, Germany
Website: http://www.ipd-workshop.de/
Deadline for abstracts submission: 7 July 2012

The topics of the 9th IPD Workshop are:

Fundamentals of Product Development: Common understanding of IPD / IDE
Teaching IPD/IDE:  Education and Training, Idea Engineering, Didactics and Principles
Internationalisation of IPD/IDE:  Opportunities and Challenges, Student Projects
Research:  Process View and Management, Product Lifecycle Management

As in previous workshops, we keep on focussing mainly on presentations as well as content-related discussions. We especially want to encourage young scholars to present their research results. If you are interested in presenting or in chairing a discussion on a selected topic, please contact us.

Important: We have extended the deadlines for abstract July 7th and full paper submissions to August 3th, 2012.

For more information please contact Ms. Karoline Lötzsch (karoline.loetzsch@ovgu.de) or Mr. Andreas Wünsch (andreas.wuensch@ovgu.de) or visit http://www.ipd-workshop.de/.

Special issue of The Design Journal: Design in contemporary Japan (Aug 2012)

Website: http://www.bergpublishers.com/BergJournals/TheDesignJournal/tabid/3650/Default.aspx
Deadline to submit title and abstract: 29 August 2012
Contact:  sarah.teasley@rca.ac.uk

This special issue of The Design Journal will explore the current state of key design disciplines and industries in Japan today, and investigate potential next steps and directions that they might take. It invites proposals that identify and critically analyse the present and future of particular industries or issues, both established and emerging. Submissions that map the impact of recent change on design industries and identify strategies developed by actors for adapting, even thriving, in new circumstances, are particularly welcome.

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2012 Design for Disaster – Student Design Competition

NORDES Summer School: Design on the Move (Aug 2012, Oslo)

Dates: 27-29 August 2012
Location: Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
Website:  http://www.nordes.org/index.php?Summer+Schools
Deadline for submission:  1 August 2012.

Design researchers increasingly do approach complex environments to find new possibilities and solutions. This challenges the research methods as well as the design methods we use. This year we have put together a programme for NORDES Summer School 2012 that will focus on how the research methodologies in several design based research approaches do relate to the complex issues of mobility and urban contexts.

The theme Design on the Move are to do with the shaping of interdisciplinary inquiry and methods following the medley of theory and practice related to the use of designed artifacts or solutions in mobile situations. This year’s summer school will be dedicated to practical workshops as well as formal research presentations and talk focusing on of how methods develop, in accordance to theories and current approaches to designing for mobility and place-making.

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