DesignEd Asia Conference 2012 Hong Kong

Dates: 4-5 December 2012
Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Deadline for abstract submissions: 05 August 2012

Call for papers: “Into Design Education”

Jointly organised by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Hong Kong Design Institute (member of VTC Group) and Hong Kong Design Centre, the DesignEd Asia Conference provides a practical platform to bring international design educators and professionals together to share views, knowledge and experiences on Design Education. It is a key event under the program of Business of Design Week (BODW). The BODW is Asia’s most significant international design event organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, and supported by Create Hong Kong, and HK Trade Development Council of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR.

This year we are calling for paper submissions under the theme “Into Design Education” covering ideas and techniques from other fields of knowledge and processes into design education.

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Design Research Conference of the IIT Institute of Design (Oct 2012, Chicago)

Dates: 9-10 October 2012
Location: Venue SIX10, Chicago, USA
Deadline for submissions: 30 July 2012

This year’s Design Research Conference seeks to expand the space design research plays in by looking beyond our current best practices. Inspired by the notion of the adjacent possible, the conference will present research from a combination of design and decidedly non-design fields. In the ongoing search to better understand behavior, decision-making, and the evolving implications of data on it all, let’s take inspiration from work in different disciplines.

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Designa 2012: Un/Sustainability (Nov 2012, Portugal)

Location: University of Beira Interior, Portugal
Dates: 22-23 Nov 2012
Deadline for submissions: 30 Sep 2012

The word sustainability brings us echoes, arriving from the most diverse sources, from a contemporary speech centered in the desirable evolution of a simultaneously political, economical, environmental and, of course, cultural conscience regarding the impact of man’s changing presence and action in the world. Therefore, the concept emerges in association with an increasing insistence on practices that define – and are defined by – design.

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Special Issue of J. Cleaner Production: Why have “sustainable product-service systems” not been widely implemented? (Sep 2012)

Special Issue: Why have ‘Sustainable Product-Service Systems’ not been widely implemented?
Journal of Cleaner Production
Deadline for extended abstracts: 15 Sep 2012

Meeting new design challenges to achieve societal sustainability.

In this special issue the editorial team has the aim to analyse and better understand the dynamics, mechanisms and factors impeding/driving the implementation of sustainable PSSs, and of the strategies, approaches and tools that can be adopted, at different levels, to design, manage, stimulate and monitor the widespread adoption of PSS concepts. At the same time we seek to increase our understanding of the way in which interwoven and convergent approaches, such as social innovations, distributed economies, sufficiency, cradle-to-cradle, etc., can be synergetic with the PSS concepts and approaches.

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NordiCHI Workshop: Design for Audience Engagement (Oct 2012, Copenhagen)

Date: 14 October 2012, in conjunction with NordiCHI
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Deadline for submission of position paper: UPDATED: 13 August 2012

Engaging the audience has always been of fundamental importance to the creative sector (performing and visual arts, video games, film, interactive narrative etc). Media producers, publishers and content providers are starting to use interactive technologies to involve audiences in the creative process — constructing audience journeys, and exploiting the potential of co-creation and crowd-sourced innovation. So design is central to engaging audiences. What are the best methods and processes for designing and evaluating audience engagement?

This workshop adopts an interdisciplinary approach to identify design strategies for audience engagement.

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Design Business and Service Conference (April 2013, Rome)

Dates: 18-19 April 2013
Location: Rome, Italy
Deadline for proposals: 29 Jan 2013

This year’s guiding theme: Design(ing) Business and Services

Over the past decade, several conferences and interactive workshops have focused on managing as designing, on design management, business design and on changing the decision-making paradigm within the management field. Design is taught to management students and management to design students. Managers now can be thought of as designers, although they may not even be conscious about the design practices and methods they employ. In the midst of this development, the design of services has emerged as an important issue in professional conferences, in academic environments, and in the business world. Overall, it seems that the boundaries between professional claims are getting more and more fuzzy: Marketing departments are claiming that they have been developing services for years. Similarly, design thinking is moving through university departments and through corporate offices with the speed of a fashion fad.

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Call for Papers / Designs for the 2013 SYMPOSIUM April 19-21, 2013 at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul

This symposium connects fashion to Social Responsibility. Through a series of scholarly presentations, panel discussions, design presentations, the symposium participants will explore, define, and document the interconnections between fashion and social responsibility.

The symposium has an inclusive definition of the term “fashion”. While fashion is often understood to center on apparel choices, fashion can be recognized as the current style or aesthetic choice in any design field. Proposals are welcome from divergent fields such as architecture, anthropology, cultural studies, history, interior design, graphic design, psychology, sociology, and women’s studies.

Participation is invited in this symposium by submitting a written abstract or a design. Best submissions will be considered for inclusion in focused issues of journals including Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process and the Fashion Industry as well as for a book Fashion and Health.

Topics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Social responsibility in design practice
  • Issues related to social responsibility in design
  • Cross-cultural views on social responsibility in design
  • Customer views of socially responsible design businesses
  • Considerations of any aspect of production within design industries and social responsibility
  • Innovative teaching concerning social responsibility within design fields
  • Historical views on social responsibility  (e.g., dress reform movements)
  • Socially responsible consumption
  • Socially responsible designs
  • Socially responsible marketing/selling of design
  • Marketing images and social responsibility
  • Social values and design
  • Socially responsible design materials

Symposium formats will include poster sessions, concurrent individual presentations [15 minutes], plenary sessions [60 minutes], and panel or collaborative presentations.

Important dates:

February 1, 2013: Notice of acceptance emailed and release of copy write forms sent to authors. Online registration opens [general $200; students $100]
February 15, 2013: Copyright forms due to
March 15, 2013: Draft of symposium program posted on symposium website (below)
April 1, 2013: Hotel room reservations due [unreserved rooms released]
April 8, 2013: Online registration closes (early bird rates)
April 19-21, 2013: Symposium (on site registration cash or check only)
See the conference website for further information:

2013 AIGA Design Educators Conference (April 2013, Norfolk Virginia USA)

Dates: 12-14 April 2013
Location: Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA
Deadline for submissions of proposals: 1 August 2012

Theme: Blunt: Explicit and Graphic Design Criticism Now

Blunt describes this conference’s aspiration and topic. It is a term that invokes our potential and our problems, and suggests the type of dialog we seek to engage. To be effective, criticism must be keen and direct, undiluted by concessions to academic or professional propriety. Graphic design is firmly established as a unique form of practice, but we do not yet have a developed body of literature that serves to question, critique and propose alternate interpretations of our way of viewing the world. Criticism is an activity, but not necessarily a negative one. Criticism is also productive and projective. It can reimagine and reconfigure existing relationships between design and other disciplines. Blunt: Explicit and Graphic Design Criticism Now is dedicated to the exploration of graphic design criticism and outspoken applications of its practice. Blunt invites contrarian statements to prevailing wisdom on graphic design practice, education, and criticism.

In order to conceptualize a critical practice, Blunt proposes that we foster an awareness of—and need for—the conceptual tools, techniques and vehicles of critical practice by writing back at graphic design, challenging established views and assessing possibilities.

Blunt: Explicit and Graphic Design Criticism Now will present speakers who will address the discourse of criticism in design, critique aspects of graphic design practice, and present or propose methods of critical thought. Conference sessions are divided into the areas of practice, history, writing, and education. Workshops are planned in critical writing and the practical concerns of curriculum and advancement in academia.

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9th Intl Conf on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability (Jan 2013, Hiroshima)

Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Dates: 23-25 January 2013
Deadline for submission: 11 November 2012 (but 8 August 2012 is strongly preferred)

The International Advisory Board is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Ninth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability and the call for submissions to the peer-reviewed International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability.  The Sustainability Conference will be held 23 – 25 January 2013 at the International Conference Center Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan.

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NordiCHI2012 Workshop: Crossing Boundaries: Exploring What Design Can Do (Oct 2012, Copenhagen)

Dates: 13-14 October 2012
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Web site:
Deadline for submissions: 1 August 2012

Due to increasing specialization in organizations and multidisciplinary teamwork, boundaries are becoming more explicit obstacles. Boundary objects are one proposed means for crossing these boundaries. This workshop provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to share experiences and issues with crossing boundaries in multidisciplinary innovation projects.

The current workshop focuses on how one can make a boundary object for use and aims to explore what the role of design can do making appropriate boundary objects. We want to improve the understanding of what works and what doesn’t and be able to develop both practical and theoretical applications of such by actually ‘designing’ boundary crossing solutions during the workshop including a research-through-design approach.

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