ID Design Research Conference: The Adjacent Possible (October 9-10,2012, Chicago, IL)

The strange and beautiful truth about the adjacent possible is that its boundaries grow as you explore them. Each new combination opens up the possibility of other new combinations.
– Steven Johnson, author of “Where Good Ideas Come From”

The 2012 Design Research Conference, Oct. 9-10 in Chicago offers professionals of all career levels, sectors and industries the opportunity to discover how design research is influenced by the world outside of design and vice versa.

Bringing in attendees from companies as diverse as Leo Burnett, IDEO, SC Johnson and PayPal, this year’s conference is an opportunity to network and learn how human behavior, data and storytelling play a role in creating new ideas and inventions that move the world forward.

Joining us is Miriah Meyer, a computer scientist from the University of Utah who builds visualization software for scientific researchers and was named one of Fast Company’s most creative people in 2012. We are also thrilled to have Michael Norton, who teaches marketing at Harvard Business School and has twice been featured in the New York Times Magazine Year in Ideas Issue.

Carol Foley and Mindy Cultra, who work for Leo Burnett’s Knowledge Group, will share how their research is helping identify strategies that can lead to exceptional creative work whether in advertising, architecture, art or design. And award-winning journalist Anderew Haeg will talk about The Public Insight Network, a platform he co-founded to connect journalists with sources.

Other speakers include Larry Keeley, president & co-founder of Doblin; Michael Norton, associate professor and Marvin Bower Fellow at Harvard Business School; Justin Ferrel, director of digital, mobile & new product design at The Washington Post, and Molly Wright Steenson from Princeton University who will serve as moderator.

To register, go to Early registration ends Sept 4!

EKSIG 2013: Knowing Inside Out – experiential knowledge, expertise and connoisseurship (July 2013, Loughborough UK)

Dates: 4-5 July 2013
Location: Loughborough University, UK
Conference website:
Deadline for submission for abstracts: UPDATED: 22 November 2012

EKSIG is part of a programme of Special Interest Groups set up by the Design Research Society (DRS) to facilitate international exchange and advance in relevant areas of design.  EKSIG is concerned with the understanding and management of knowledge in research and professional practice in design in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices, with regard to both research degree regulations/requirements and research methodology.

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Workshop: The Future of Transdisciplinary Design (June 2013, Luxembourg)

Dates: 24-25 June 2013
Location: University of Luxembourg
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 November 2012

The Engineering Design and Methodology Group at the University of Luxembourg will be organising a workshop on “The Future of Transdisciplinary Design” (TFTD13) from 24-25 June 2013 in Luxembourg.

The workshop will focus on transdisciplinary product and service design, and provide a platform to present, share and discuss  the multidimensional nature of issues, problems and approaches in transdisciplinary design from the perspective of Processes, People, Products and Contexts.

Accepted papers will be published in a book (Springer Verlag).  Abstracts to be submitted by 1 November 2012.

For further details and deadlines, please visit our website

CAD13: Computer Aided Design (Jun 2013, Bergamo Italy)

Dates: 17-20 June 2013
Location: University of Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 7 December 2012

It is a delight to confirm that our 10th annual conference, CAD13, will be held at the University of Bergamo, Lombardy Region, Italy June 17-20, 2013.  For travel, the conference venue is easily reached from Milan airport and ground transportation.  For this year, we will be publishing extended 2 page abstracts in the online accessible program.  High quality submissions will, as always, be welcome for publication in the CAD&A journal  The submission system opens Oct. 4, 2012 and closing date for abstracts is Dec. 7, 2012.  Keynote speakers and other details will be posted at the website shortly, and in future update emails.  A flyer is available at

ICHSL.8: 8th International Conference on Human System Learning (Dec 2012, Paris)

Theme: Augmented learning: corporality, interference and temporality in knowledge acquisition and transmission
Dates: 4-5 December 2012
Location: Site Universitaire de Gennevilliers, Paris, France
Website: The website appears UP again
Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2012

It is now obvious that the evolution of technologies has largely impacted human activities, the ICHSL conference focuses accordingly, and for 15 years and through 8 editions, with the human/system learning processes. This multidisciplinary approach raises the question of Teaching Media related to both “Data and knowledge” processing, production and acquisition.  ICHSL.8 is interested in questioning, modeling and describing the environments (systems), the technical factors as well as the practices that take part during training and learning activities. By taking into account that intelligence is shared between the learners and the teaching devices, it is thus possible to consider that both human and learning media can be considered as “learner”.

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