Design Principles & Practices (March 2013, Tokyo)

Dates: 6-8 March 2013
Location: Chiba (Greater Tokyo)
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 11 October 2012

Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, or colloquia are invited for the Seventh International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, to be held 6-8 March 2013 at Chiba University in Chiba (Greater Tokyo), Japan. We welcome proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to the conference discourse. We also encourage faculty and students to jointly submit proposals or panel discussions/colloquia.

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Smart Design Conference (Feb 2013, Sydney Australia)

Smart Design Conference 2013
Location: The University of Western Sydney (Parramatta South Campus)
Dates: 5-7 February 2013
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 28 October 2012

The 2nd International Smart Design conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss issues, identify challenges and directions, and share their R&D findings and experiences in the areas of design, materials and technology. The University of Western Sydney, in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University (UK), is proud to be hosting this conference in 2013.

Conference Scope and Theme
New materials and advanced technologies are critical to the economy of the twenty-first century. Good product designs merge materials, technology and hardware into a unified user experience in which technology recedes into the background. By focusing on functional gain, critical awareness and emotive connection, even multifaceted and complex technology can become an integral part of daily life. Researchers, designers and developers must understand how to appropriate the right technical and human knowledge to drive their innovations.

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6th Workshop of the Design Society SIG on Design Theory (Feb 2013, Paris France)

Location: Mines Paris Tech, France
Dates: 4-5 February 2013
Deadline for submission/interest: 31 October 2012

The 6th workshop of the Design Society’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Design Theory, this year in co-operation with the SIG on Creativity, will take place on 4-5 February 2013 at Mines Paris Tech, 60 boulevard Saint Michel, Paris, France.

Contributions are welcome from these areas:

1- Design Theory and other disciplines: decision theory, AI, engineering sciences, biology,…
2- The value of Design Theory for practitioners
3- Design Theory and Education
4- Design Theory and perception theory
5- Design theory and the economics of design

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Conf on Engineering and Product Design Education (Sep 2013, Dublin Ireland)

Location: Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Dates: 5-6 September 2013
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 7 December 2012

The 15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education Conference, E&PDE13, will be organised by the School of Manufacturing & Design Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), in participation with the Design Education Special Interest Group (DESIG) of the Design Society and the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED), with the theme ‘Growing our Future”. The conference aim is intended to reflect the increasing emphasis on design education as a driver for economic growth and in particular the importance of design in addressing such issues as sustainability, creativity and innovation. We encourage conference submissions that have varied interpretations of the phrase ‘Growing our Future’ in line with the stated conference topics.

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Intl Conf on Engineering Design (Aug 2013, Seoul)

Location: Seoul Korea
Dates: 19-22 August 2013
Deadline for submission: UPDATED 10 January 2013

The Design Society and Sungkyunkwan University are pleased to announce that the International Conference on Engineering Design 2013, ICED13 web site is open for paper submissions.  The ICED13 programme committee will organise various sessions that cover substantial, original and previously unpublished research. Applied, theoretical and results-oriented papers from both academia and industry, based on rigorous analysis and argumentation, will be considered for inclusion.

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ACM Creativity and Cognition 2013 (June 2013, Sydney Australia)

Location: Sydney, Australia
Dates: 17-20 June, 2013
Deadline for submission of papers and posters: 17 December 2012

The University of Technology, Sydney will host the International Conference on Creativity and Cognition from the 17th to the 20th of June 2013. The organising committee would like to invite you to join us in Sydney for another conference in this very successful series.

For 2013 the conference theme will be `Intersections and Interactions’, due to the inter-disciplinarity that is inherent in the study of creativity and cognition. June 2013 will be an exciting time for Sydney, as the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013) will run from the 7th to 16th, as well as the Vivid Festival of  Arts from the 24th of May until the 10th of June.

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19th Intl Conf of the Society for Human Ecology (Feb 2013, Canberra Australia)

Dates: 5-8 February 2013
Location: Canberra, Australia
More information:
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 September 2012

Call for Design Papers: The XIX International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology is inviting Designers to submit abstracts for the ‘Reinventing the Future’ sessions. The journal ‘Fusion’ will be releasing a special issue on this theme and will invite submissions from the conference.

xCoAx 2013: 1st International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X (June 2013, Bergamo)

Dates: 27-28 June 2013
Location: University of Bergamo, Bergamo Città Alta, Italy
Deadline for submissions: 31 December 2012

The development of computational tools and media has been radically transforming the landscape for the practice of design, the arts and numerous cultural manifestations. Recognizing this, xCoAx is designed as a multi-disciplinary and nomadic enquiry on arts, computers, computation, communication and the elusive x factor that connects them all.

xCoAx is a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discovery of new and profitable synergies. It is an event exploring the frontiers of digital arts with the participation of a diverse confluence of computer scientists, media practitioners and theoreticians, that will focus on the relations between what can and cannot be computed, what can and cannot be communicated, what is beautiful and how humans and computational systems intersect in the development of new directions in aesthetics.

Research Prototype Workshop (Feb 2013, Ghent Belgium)

Date: Thursday 21 February 2013
Location: Stam, Ghent (Belgium)
Deadline for submission of short paper: 10 November 2012

On Thursday 21 February, Howest Industrial Design Center organizes the Research Prototype workshop in cooperation with Ghent University. The workshop is a part of the  fifth conference on Sustainable Construction and Design (SCAD’13).

We would like to invite submissions for the Research Prototype workshop.

Research prototypes provide an opportunity to test and understand new research ideas and emerging technological solutions in an uncertain context. Meet international researchers from different disciplines. Share and discuss your experiences with research prototypes during a one day workshop.

EAEA11: 11th Intl Conf of the European Architectural Envisioning Association (Sep 2013, Milan)

Theme: Envisioning Architecture: Design, Evaluation, Communication
Dates: 25-28 September 2013
Location: Politecnico di Milano | Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 | Milano (Italy)
Deadline for abstracts Submission: 15 November 2012

The Politecnico di Milano will host the 11th EAEA Envisioning Architecture: Design, Evaluation, Communication Conference in 2013.

Following the mission of the association, the conference is meant to be a platform for communication and exchange of experiences, experimentation, research and collaboration in the field of environmental simulation in architecture and urban design. In particular, a focus on three tracks is proposed for the EAEA11, namely:

Track 1 | Visualizing Sustainability: making the invisible visible
Track 2 | Experiential Simulation: the sensorial perception of the built environment
Track 3 | Conceptual Representation: Exploring the layout of the built environment

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