DRS OPENSiG Symposium (June 2013, Nottingham UK)

Dates: 10-11 June 2013
Location: Nottingham Contemporary, UK
Contact: tom.fisher@ntu.ac.uk
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 21 January 2013

Good Things and Bad Things: tricky objects, tricky people, tricky processes

This two day symposium on 10th and 11th of June will be an opportunity for discussion that bears on the ‘rights and wrongs’ of designs, designers and designing. Taking an inclusive approach to the definition of ‘design’ – formal and informal; commercial and DIY; normative and subversive – the symposium will connect abstract discussions of the ethics of objects and designing, with concrete examples of things in action. We hope to engage practitioners and academics across fields including sustainable design, material culture, fine art, sociology/ philosophy of technology, design history, cultural studies.

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IASDR 2013: 5th Intl Congress of the Intl Association of Societies of Design Research (August 2013, Tokyo JAPAN)

Dates: 26 30 August, 2013
Location: Tokyo, JAPAN
Website: http://www.iasdr2013.jp/
Theme: Consilience and Innovation in Design
Submission deadline for abstracts: 30 January 2013

The 5th International Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research: IASDR 2013, is a bi-annual symposium on design research ranging from Theory to Practice and Science to Engineering.

With a perspective of building the cord of interaction between various fields of design, this one week conference will feature among other things workshops and exhibition of Japanese design practice. It is envisaged that this great meeting will afford best opportunity of keeping up on the trend of international research in design; and trailing new path for advancing the development of international researches and practices at the same time.

Deadline for abstract submission: 30st January, 2013

For more details, check  http://www.iasdr2013.jp/


WikiSym, the 9th Intl Symp on Wikis and Open Collaboration and OpenSym, the 2013 Intl Symp on Open Collaboration (August 2013, Hong Kong)

Dates: 5-7 August 2013
Location: Hong Kong, China
Website: http://www.wikisym.org/email/ and http://www.opensym.org/email/
Deadline for submissions: 17 March 2013

The 2013 Joint International Symposium on Open Collaboration (WikiSym + OpenSym 2013) is the premier conference on open collaboration research, including wikis and social media, Wikipedia, free, libre, and open source software, open access, open data and open government research. WikiSym is in its 9th year and will be complemented by OpenSym, a new conference on open collaboration research and an adjunct to the successful WikiSym conference series.

WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 is the first conference to bring together the different strands of open collaboration research, seeking to create synergies and inspire new research between computer scientists, social scientists, legal scholars, and everyone interested in understanding open collaboration and how it is changing the world.

WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 will be held in Hong Kong, China, on August 5-7, 2013. WikiSym is in-cooperation with ACM SIGWEB and OpenSym is in-cooperation with ACM SIGSOFT.

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Discursive Space Conferences 2013 (20-23 June 2013, Ryerson University and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada)

Dates: 20-23 June 2013
Location: Ryerson University and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 January 2013
Submit to: jmacalik@ryerson.ca
Website: www.discursivespace.com

With the theme “Discursive Space: breaking barriers to effective spatial communication in museums”, the conference provides a forum for deliberation concerning the integration of art, design, and architecture in the creation of memorable and immersive museum experiences, while balancing the public’s expectations of self-directed expression and engagement.

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GIDEC 2013: Gaborone International Design Conference (September 2013, Gaborone Botswana)

Dates: 24-26 September 2013
Location: University of Botswana, Africa
Website: http://www.gidec2013.com/
Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 7 January 2013

Design in developing countries or new emerging economies especially in Africa is not recognized as a driving force for developing alternative socio-economic opportunities. There are few universities and institutions of high learning that offer design related courses in Africa. What could be some of the contributing factors to this scenario if design has the potential to change the society’s lives? Therefore, the goal of the Gaborone International Design Conference (GIDEC) 2013 is to lay the groundwork to build a scholarly community and advance the state of the art in design, research, theory, and practice, and produce a significant contribution to the field through the paper presentations, and conference proceedings.

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{MoDe} Motion Design Education Summit (April 2013, Notre Dame Indiana USA)

Dates: 26-27 April 2013
Deadline for submissions: 14 December 2012
Location: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
{MoDe} is a gathering of design educators who specialize, research and teach in the area of motion graphic design. This event will address the growing field of motion graphic design and the need for academically driven text and examples to support and challenge design educators.
Contributors / attendees will be part of a collective knowledge that will produce a manifesto that describes the impact of motion design, recognizes leaders in the field, considers the future of professional practice and academia, builds a foundation for coursework and theory and finally provides educators a space for sharing, comparing and disseminating teaching innovations and methodologies. Finally we will produce an e-book for the iPad that reproduces the concepts of motion by actually using animation and demonstration within the illustrations and exercises.
We seek participation by motion design experts from both academia and professional practice. Those looking to participate can apply by sending a letter of interest to modesummit@gmail.com. Please include:
+  A Bio (less than 300 words)
+  A Curriculum Vitae or Resume
+  Samples of personal work or student work, animations preferred.

11th Intl Conf on Education & Information Systems, Technologies, and Applications (July 2013, Orlando Florida USA)

Dates: 9-12 July 2013
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Website: http://www.2013iiisconferences.org/imsci

Part of the 7th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics.


30 June – 6 July 2013, Porto, Portugal
Special Tracks on:
Education, Informatics, and Cybernetics: stEIC 2013, www.2013iiisconferences.org/steic
Society and Information Technologies: stSIT 3013 www.2013iiisconferences.org/stsit
International Conference on Complexity, Cybernetics, and Informing Science and Engineering:
CCISE 2013, www.2013iiisconferences.org/ccise

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