Call for academic submissions: International journal ‘Message’: Mapping Eclecticism Through Practice – Inaugural publication (June 2013 UK)

Mapping Eclecticism Through Practice (Inaugural publication)
Communication Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Visual Communication et al.
Where if any do the mutual theoretical frameworks and methodologies lie?

Deadline: Dates for submission:
14 June 2013

Call for academic submissions
Scholarly submissions are invited for consideration in the full colour, large format, international journal, Message.
Message, Mapping Eclecticism through Practice will be published in December 2013.
Authors of published papers and reports will be invited to present these at the Plymouth University, Message symposium in 2014.

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Call for Proposals: UnDesign

Editor: Dr Gavin Sade, Dr Gretchen Coombes and Professor Andrew McNamara
Affiliation: Urban Modernities Research Group, Queensland University of Technology
Title: UnDesign: Critical practices at the intersection of Art and Design.
Dates: To be published in late 2014, publisher not yet confirmed
Deadline for Abstracts: 31 May 2013


Undesign is calling for submissions from researcher, curators, theorists as well as practicing designers and artists, for an edited text to be published in late 2014 – early 2015.

Traditionally, design has been placed in a framework that emphasizes its utility over aesthetic or other non-functional considerations. UnDesign seeks to document new developments in design that connect with science, engineering, biotechnology and hactivism, which operate at the intersection of art and design.  Often confounding and speculative, these practices exist outside mainstream commercial design and share many traits with contemporary art. “Undesigning” practices aim to undo the complex designed world by revealing how human designing implicitly structures our world.

UnDesign will examine the ideas, speculations and practices that constitute this burgeoning new field of practice that unravels design’s traditional definitions and assumptions in order to develop a very different concept of design practice in the 21st century.  The publication aims to combine essays with the presentation of significant works of art and design. It will focus on practices that:

  • occur at the intersection of art and design;
  • engage with “our” contemporary real/digital “life world” in a critical manner;
  • operate as provocative interventions within design thinking and the design environment;
  • combine practice and research as well as text, action and object;
  • have redirective design intentions.

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Design Competition: Sustainable Laundry (May 2013)

Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2013

A competition for creative, enthusiastic designers or design students from around the globe. Showcase your innovations and you could win a Nexus tablet.

See details at the website.

INTERACT 2013 Workshop: Urban Agriculture: A Growing Field of Research (Sep 2013, Cape Town, South Africa)

Date: 3 September 2013
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Deadline for submission: UPDATED 19 May 2013

Growing food presents diverse challenges and opportunities within the urban environment. As cities develop, population density rises, land prices rise, and the opportunity to use land for traditional farming and gardening diminishes. Counter to this trend there are a growing number of both community gardens, city farms, ‘guerilla gardening’, effective use of rooftop gardens, pot plants, windowsill herbs and backyard gardens cropping up in different cities, all with a purpose to produce local food, supplemented in part by food co-op organisations. This workshop brings together practitioners and researchers in the field of urban agriculture and HCI to explore the different forms of growing practice and the sustainable impact of locally grown produce.

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The Creative Exchange Interactive Conference: Academic Engagement with the Creative Sector (Sep 2013, Lancaster UK)

Dates: 26-27 September 2013
Location: Lancaster University, UK
Submission Requirements: 13 May 2013

This interactive conference is aimed at exploring new mutually beneficial exchanges between academia and the creative industries. It will not be a traditional ‘sit and listen’ conference. There will be a high degree of both experimentation in the form of the conference and interaction throughout the conference. Proud is contributing to one of the 3 experimental sessions within the conference.

We are calling for contributions from
– Academics developing new understandings of the creative sector
– Creative sector professionals interested in undertaking research and collaborating with academic partners

Addressing subjects including
– New processes, tools or approaches that facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration
– Insights, case studies, results and evaluation of knowledge exchange in practice

Submission: We invite you to submit a 2,000 word paper. We strongly encourage a wide range of papers and approaches, but equally would encourage submissions to include an indication of the research question(s)/issues addressed in the paper, and the approach employed in addressing these. Please include a 200 word summary.

Workshop: Participatory Design for Persons with Cognitive or Sensory Impairments @ Interact2013 (Sep 2013, Cape Town)

Dates: 3 September 2013
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Deadline for application: 15 May 2013

Are you interested in participatory design and do you work with users with impairments? We organize a workshop on participatory design for persons with cognitive or sensory impairments at Interact 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. This workshop will be held on Tuesday September 3rd.

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Design and the Law: Opportunity and Constraint (Feb 2014, Chicago USA)

Dates: 12-15 February 2014
Location: Chicago, USA
Deadline for submissions: 6 May 2013

Session chair: Carma Gorman, Southern Illinois University Carbondale,

Product designers, graphic designers, and fashion designers all work within the constraints of a constellation of state, national, and international laws and standards governing patents, trademarks, copyrights, copylefts, licensing, product configurations, color specifications, rules of origin, trade agreements, labor conditions, liability, accessibility, environmental protection, and so on. Although legal scholars have written extensively on these issues, relatively few humanistic scholars of design (among them Lawrence Busch, Howell John Harris, Sarah S. Lochlann Jain, Otakar Macel, Frederic J. Schwartz, and T’ai Smith) have examined how laws and standards have shaped manufacturers’, clients’, and designers’ decision-making and creative processes, and, in turn, how these groups’ practices have reshaped the law. This session therefore seeks papers that address the ways in which laws and standards have shaped or constrained the manufacture, configuration, or circulation of consumer products, graphics, and garments (or vice versa), either in the past or present. Both traditional scholarly analyses and first-person “constraint narratives” by designers are welcome.

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