ASME J Computing and Information Science in Engineering – Special Issue on Information Modeling and Big Data (Sep 2013)

Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2013

Papers are sought for a special issue on Information Modeling and Big Data: Issues and Challenges for sustainable manufacturing, to be published by ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering. We hope to get papers from different engineering disciplines to bring out common issues and specific challenges that characterize the field of sustainable manufacturing. We welcome full-length research papers, as well as, application papers that address implementation issues.

Topics: An initial set of topics includes (but is not limited to) the following:

1. Information Models for PPR across the life cycle: Conceptual models and information representations are fundamental for digital manufacturing technologies. These include, for example, structured/unstructured information; models of collaboration; information evolution; languages and information models, model-based engineering, domain specific modeling languages, and information metrology.

2. Information, modeling, algorithms and analytical tools required to analyze the static and dynamic behavior of a dynamic production system with respect to sustainability

3. Systems integration for enterprise-wide manufacturing applications: Global manufacturing companies need an integrated systems approach for the fundamental understanding of sustainable manufacturing and developing implementation strategies. A systems approach is the only way designers and engineers can compute, track, and compose selected sustainability metrics. The papers could focus on various views of systems integration including lifecycle, architecture, process, interface, and enterprise.

4. Well-defined metrics and related standards, and a science-based methodology to aggregate metrics across global supply chains within manageable uncertainty: The papers could focus on sustainability metrics, standards, unit manufacturing process characterization based on fundamental principles, multi-scale physical modeling, and product assembly and supply chain issues.

5. Standards, testing and interoperability: The rise of networked enterprises has brought to focus issues of interoperability across different phases of design and manufacture, supply chain, and maintenance. Standards will play an important role in the creation of these networked enterprises, raising issues in defining and testing syntactic and semantic interoperability.

Where to submit: The Call for Papers is from the print edition of the journal. To submit a call for papers for publication, visit the digital submission site ( and choose “Other” as the submission type.

For complete details please see…SAL-5-2013.aspx

Guest Editors: Sudarsan Rachuri; David Dornfeld; Chris McMahon; Athulan Vijayaraghavan


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