AIEDAM Special Issue: Analogical Thinking (Feb 2014)

Deadline for full papers: 1 February 2014

Guest Editors: L.H. Shu & Ashok K. Goel

This special issue of AIEDAM will be devoted to papers concerned with Analogical Thinking.

Analogical thinking involves the use of analogies for a variety of tasks such as

1) Generating novel concepts (design-by-analogy) and
2) Helping explain existing and new concepts

We welcome papers that report the study of analogies (and metaphors) not only in design, but more generally in engineering, analysis, manufacturing, as well as design education. We welcome work describing cognitive studies, computational theories and interactive tools.

One challenge in analogical thinking is that researchers mean different things by the term “analogy”, e.g., featural, conceptual and relational similarity. Therefore, we ask that authors clearly characterize what they mean by analogy in their work.
Suitable topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

· Sources of analogy/metaphor in design/education
· Identifying analogies/metaphors
· Representing/communicating analogies/metaphors
· Applying analogies/metaphors
· Types of analogies/metaphors selected/formed
· Effectiveness in and of using analogies/metaphors

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by at least three reviewers. The selection for publication will be made on the basis of these reviews.
Information about the format and style required for AIEDAM papers can be found at Note that all inquiries for special issues go to the Guest Editors.

Important Dates:

* Intend to submit (Abstract & Title): As soon as possible
· Submission deadline for full papers: 1 Feb 2014
· Reviews due: 1 June 2014
· Notification and reviews to authors: 15 June 2014
· Revised version submission deadline: 1 Sept 2014
· Issue to publisher: 1 Dec 2014
· Issue Appears: May 2015

Guest Editors:

Dr. Li Shu
Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto
5 King’s College Road
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G8
Email: shu [at]

Dr, Ashok Goel
School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Technology Square Research Building
85 Fifth Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30332-0280,
Email: goel [at]

About Fil Salustri
I'm a design methodologist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Adjectives that describe me include: secular humanist, meritocrat, and long-winded. Some people call me a positivist too, as if that were a bad thing. Go figure. My real home page is

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  1. Nathan Eng says:

    For some reason the links are broken. The special issue call is at .

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