Charrette: call for series / theme editors

Charrette, the new journal of the Association of Architectural Educators (AAE) ‘Charrette’ is now looking for interested parties for the roles of Ongoing Series Editor and Theme Editors.


This role would have a minimum tenure of 2 years. It comes with an honorarium of £1500.


This role is undertaken for one issue only.

Please send applications for each role to by 17th September 2013. Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.

Charrette is the journal of the Association of Architectural Educators (AAE). Following the inaugural conference of the AAE at Nottingham Trent University in April 2013, the first issue of the journal is expected to be published by the end of 2013. The aims of the journal are to:

  • Provide a shared medium for the dissemination of both academic peer-reviewed writing and research generated through the architectural design studio.
  • Articulate contemporary architectural pedagogies.
  • Demonstrate the breadth and quality of the discourse, actions and outcomes of architectural education.

The journal is structured to encompass a range of work from current research, polemic, critique, speculation and experimentation. Text, images, film, and sound will all be considered. The journal will be published annually online. The journal structure is as follows:

  • Editorial by invited Theme Editors
  • Essays (double blind peer reviewed)
  • Projects (curated and peer reviewed)
  • Freespace (peer reviewed)

Find out more about the association from our or find our LinkedIn group at

About James Benedict Brown
Associate Professor of Architecture at Umeå University, Sweden.

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