Winter 2015 Issue of Museologies Les cahiers d’etudes superieures (May 2014)

Deadline for proposals: 14 May 2014

This special issue will focus on the development of research exhibition as a creative process in contemporary art museums.
Guest Editor: Carmela Cucuzzella, Assistant Professor, Design and Computation Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University
Projected Publication Date: Winter 2015

We are accepting submissions in English or French.

This special issue of Museologies will explore ways that contemporary art museums are facing the challenges of exhibiting research as a result of a creative process. The challenges are many, since one of the many intents is to establish  a dialogue and inform viewers of the underlying reflection. Given this, what are the challenges for the exhibitor  (artists, researchers, curators)?

Research dissemination for fundamental research is often in the form of conferences articles, books, papers. But in the context of research and conceptual projects associated with a creative process, then the possibilities of dissemination of the work broaden. The transformative character of research that is increasingly undertaken by artist-researchers represents a new mode of dissemination and cultural mediation: the often complex theoretical undertaking of such projects. This special issue of Museologies will respond to the following questions:

– What are the most convincing methods to present research where creative practice is a significant medium?
– What is the role of an exhibition that presents the results of creative research: education or entertainment of its audience?
– What can be considered as clear, appropriate and relevant when disseminating research work in the design or art context?
– What problems or opportunities are most often encountered in exhibitions disseminating research-creation (whether fundamental or applied research)?
– Is it possible to identify specific approaches or even principles for the dissemination of research-creation?

The following is a list of possible subjects that could be explored within the realm of this theme:
– Critical pedagogical approaches in contemporary art spaces;
– Contemporary art museum practices that involve academic research;
– Innovative approaches to documentation of contemporary art that enable possibilities for dialogue;
– Documenting ephemeral contemporary art in order to prolong dialogues between this work and the public;
– The exhibition as a research process and reflective space
– Artistic research practices that present and encourage exchanges between artists and their public within museum spaces;
– The ability of contemporary art in museums to generate dialogues concerning pressing social justice issues;
– Methods or activities that enable visitors to express and share their experiences and perspectives between each other and/or with the museum;
– The roles of research artists who involve themselves directly in their artworks within museum contexts

Keywords: Contemporary Art Museums; Design Research; Research Dissemination; Exhibitions; Education; Dialogue

Submission Details
Please  send  a 600 word  proposal  as a double-spaced  “.doc” file by email.  Include  your  name,  your  complete  contact information,  and the university,  museum,  or organization that you are affiliated with. Please use the following subject heading: “Museologies Proposal”.

Proposals must be sent before May 14, 2014 to the following email address:

The editorial committee will analyze your proposal and will inform you of their decision. Articles will be selected based on their contribution to the field of museum studies, art history, and/or  art education.  The clarity of communication, the strength of the research and associated methodologies, and the relationship to the issue’s theme will also be important criteria in the evaluation.

Authors whose proposals are accepted will develop a 7000-word article (notes and references included) in English or French.

– Museologies  Les cahiers  d’etudes superieures is a peer-reviewed journal. Published articles will be reviewed by at least two evaluators from a  scholarly  committee  consisting  of professors from a number of universities.
– A specialist will edit the texts.
– The initial 600 word proposals that are accepted will be translated  into  a second  language.
– It is important to note that authors  who  publish in Museologies assume full responsibility  of the contents of their articles and are obliged to obtain consent from all parties involved in their research as well as the rights to employ all visual documentation used in their articles.

About Fil Salustri
I'm a design methodologist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Adjectives that describe me include: secular humanist, meritocrat, and long-winded. Some people call me a positivist too, as if that were a bad thing. Go figure. My real home page is

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