Living and Learning – 2nd International Conference of the Association of Architectural Educators (September 2014 Sheffield, UK)

Call for Proposals – ‘Living and Learning’: AAE conference 2014

3rd September – 5th September, School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, UK

‘Living and Learning’ explores the notion of ‘liveness’, not just as experienced through live projects, but expanded to consider different forms of community participation and civic engagement, material and constructed interventions. This conference offers a platform for critical reflection on the most recent wave of ‘live’ innovations in design studio teaching and beyond. The conference is centred on architecture education, but invites contributions from any disciplinary context which might offer insight and spark critical debate.

Potential questions to be explored include:

  • What are the various understandings of the term ‘live’ in relation to pedagogy?
  • What is the theoretical basis for ‘going live’ in our teaching?
  • Where are the parallels with other disciplines and how might these challenge or enrich our practices?
  • What are the different motivations for ‘liveness’ and how does it operate at different stages of architectural education?
  • What does ‘live’ mean in online, digital environment?
  • How do the responsibilities of ‘liveness’ co-exist with risk-taking, play and experimentation?

Challenging the traditional conference model, re-inventing it as a social and spatial event, ‘Living and Learning’ develops a more varied feast of exchanges and offerings, with reading groups, performances, workshops and other activities taking place alongside more conventional conference activities. Events will take place both within the University, its Architecture School and elsewhere in the city, aiming to engage a wider audience of students and members of the public in the debate around architectural education.

We invite contributions from people located in any disciplinary area, both within and outside of academia: anyone with relevant experience or with something to say about ‘liveness’ in learning. See our Submission Instructions.

For more information:

About James Benedict Brown
Associate Professor of Architecture at Umeå University, Sweden.

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