‘Good Things/ Bad Things’ workshop – DRS2014, Umea – 2pm-5pm 15th June: programme

The workshop programme is now ready and is (briefly) as follows:

1400 – 1430 Introduction to Workshop – Gamman and Fisher
1430 – 1450 Tiphaine Kazi-Tani, Rogue Designs – Atelier Van Lieshout
1450 – 1510 Mahmoud Keshavarz, Regularising Things – Passports
1510 – 1530 Discussion 1
1530 – 1550 Annamaria Andrea Vitali, Good Games of Chance – Gambling
1550 – 1610 Adam Thorpe, Fighting for Peace – Fashioning Things for Good
1610 – 1700 Discussion 2 – resume of 2 ‘good things’ events (2013 and 2014) – next steps
1700 Close and adjourn to opening ceremony

Hoping you can join us. Information about the DRS2014 workshops can be found here:  http://www.drs2014.org/en/programme/workshops/ The full programme including abstracts is here: 6.5.14 workshop programme


About tomfisher2012
I am professor of Art and Design at Nottingham Trent University. Find out about my work on my Academia.edu page: http://nottinghamtrent.academia.edu/TomFisher

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