Special Issue of Architecture and Culture: Architecture and the Spaces of Information (Feb 2015)

Website: http://www.ahra-architecture.org/architectureandculture/issue/architecture_the_spaces_of_information/
Deadline for submissions: 17h00 GMT Monday 16th February 2015

Call for submissions: Architecture and Culture, vol. 4, no. 1: Architecture & the Spaces of Information
Ruth Blacksell and Stephen Walker, Editors.

“… Any understanding of social and cultural change is impossible without knowledge of the way the media work as environments” — Marshall McLuhan, Aspen No.4 1967.
“Architecture stays in one place, while its meaning travels between the covers of books” — Charles Jencks, Post-Modernism and the Revenge of the Book, 2002.

“The printed book was used to communicate architecture as soon as it became available in the late fifteenth century, and is still being used today. Its dominance may be threatened by new types of medium, but some of its characteristics are likely to be copied in other media that may replace it. For the time being, no other media confers such intellectual respectability whatever its shortcomings may be for communication.” — Alan Powers The Architectural Book: Image and Accident, 2002.

Since Alan Powers wrote these words some time around 2002, shifts in practice, material, production and media environment have advanced the relationship between audience/user/reader and architectural space. Working between art, editorial design and architecture, between practice and scholarship, in this issue of Architecture and Culture we want to chart and explore the broad trajectory of these changing relationships as they emerge from appropriations of conventional publishing channels to take up more complex spatial dispositions.

The full call for papers is available here: http://www.ahra-architecture.org/architectureandculture/issue/architecture_the_spaces_of_information/

All papers should be submitted electronically via Editorial Manager at: http://www.editorialmanager.com/archcult/

Full instructions for submissions and notes for contributors are available at: http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/journal/architecture-and-culture/

Production Schedule
CfP: October 2014
Response 17h00 GMT Monday 16th February 2015
Editors Response by end February 2015
Authors’ Revisions: by 30th June 2015
Proofs out: 1st November 2015
Publication 1st February 2016.

About Fil Salustri
I'm a design methodologist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Adjectives that describe me include: secular humanist, meritocrat, and long-winded. Some people call me a positivist too, as if that were a bad thing. Go figure. My real home page is http://deseng.ryerson.ca/~fil.

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