1st Intl Conf on ANTICIPATION (Nov 2015, Trento Italy)

Dates: 5-7 November 2015
Location: Trento, Italy
Website: http://www.projectanticipation.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56&Itemid=582
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 April 2015

Invited Speakers: Arjun Appaduray, Jens Beckert, Julian Bleecker, Riel Miller, Martin Seligman, and Olin Wright.
Program Committee: Roberto Poli (chair), Flaviano Celaschi, Keri Facer, Garry Jacobs, John Kineman, and Giuseppe Sciortino.

Please consider submitting a proposal for the track Design Cultures and Anticipation: When Design Shapes Possible Futures (http://www.projectanticipation.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=550)

Design and Anticipation
Anticipation and design are both future-oriented activities, although they usually operate in different environments and, as a consequence, their aims and means are (partially) different. Design cultures are able to go beyond the existing ambience; they innovate by shaping objectives and indicating directions of change. Design cultures overlap with futures studies in many different ways: both are future-oriented, both serve people and social institutions, both deal with uncertainty, fuzziness, complexity and cultural issues. Both design and futures studies negotiate the needs of different stakeholders, aiming at developing more complete and integral viewpoints. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
– theoretical reflections and case studies on the cooperation between design disciplines (product, communication, services, interior design and architectural design and technology) and futures studies;
– histories of design and architecture that have anticipated future directions;
– methods and tools to anticipate within design practices (trends, scenarios, design fiction, etc.);
– visualization and projection of the possible future within enterprises (Advanced Design case studies).
Conveners: Manuela Celi (Politecnico di Milano); Daniele Fanzini (Politecnico di Milano); Elena Formia (Università di Bologna)

Relevant information:
– To submit an abstract to this session send an email to: designanticipation2015@gmail.com
– Further information on the conference: http://www.projectanticipation.org
– Session’s speakers should register and pay the conference fee: Early registration (before 1 September 2015): € 150; Late registration (from 1 September 2015): € 200

– Abstract submission: 30 April 2015
– Acceptance notification: 15 May 2015
– Final program: 30 June 2015
– Early registration: Before 1 September 2015
– Deadline registration: 20 October 2015

About Fil Salustri
I'm a design methodologist and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Adjectives that describe me include: secular humanist, meritocrat, and long-winded. Some people call me a positivist too, as if that were a bad thing. Go figure. My real home page is http://deseng.ryerson.ca/~fil.

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