Include 2015: Disruptive Ideas in Inclusive Design (Sep 2015, London UK)

Dates: 17-18 September 2015
Location: Royal College of Art, London, UK
Deadline for submissions: 27 April 2015

Organised by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art.

Ever since the international inclusive design community first came together around the needs of older and disabled people for the inaugural Include conference in 2001, a series of disruptions have moved the tectonic plates under the field. Definitions of inclusive design have expanded, new directions have proliferated and the rapid emergence of new technologies has altered the landscape too. Co-design, co-creation and crowdsourcing have re-cast the relationship between designers and users; social innovation and digital manufacture have raised new agendas.As a result, the pluralistic world of inclusive design now looks very different from the picture at the turn of the new millennium. Keynote speakers will be speaking about Disruptive Ideas on Day 1 and include Marco Steinberg, Snowcone & Haystack, Finland and Liza Chong, INDEX, Denmark (see to see all confirmed keynotes).

Call for Posters

The Include Conference Committee invites *poster submissions* from Early Career Researchers with an interest in inclusive design. The poster exhibition at Include 2015 will provide an opportunity to present your work during specially timetabled presentation sessions, allowing discussions on specific themes with academics, industry representatives and other delegates. We are seeking original and innovative proposals that challenge, conceptualise, critique, embody, examine, explore, interrogate, propose, or reflect on inclusive design and disruptive interventions.

Important Dates:

27 April 2015: Deadline for poster proposal (250 words)
15 May 2015: Notification of result and recommendations
1 September 2015: Deadline for A1 posters (portrait) to arrive at the

RCA, London

For full submission details, please visit:

Call for Workshop Proposals

The Include Conference Committee invites workshop proposals from academics and industry professionals with an interest in inclusive design. On Day 2 the conference will focus on workshops to provide practitioners, academics, students and other delegates the opportunity to explore, collaborate and connect with state of the art methods, techniques, and practices to strengthen skills or explore new techniques in their work. The workshop sessions provide an opportunity to engage delegates with original and innovative sessions that challenge, conceptualise, critique, embody, examine, explore, interrogate, propose, or reflect on inclusive design and disruptive interventions.

Important Dates:

27 April 2015: Deadline for workshop proposals (500 words)
15 May 2015: Notification of proposal acceptance and recommendations
17-18 September 2015: Include 2015 conference

For full submission details, please visit:

Peer Review Process

Each poster and workshop proposal will be peer-reviewed by the Include Conference Committee.

For more information relating to Include 2015, please email:

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