AUTHORS: please read the section POSTING GUIDELINES, below, and please follow those guidelines when posting here.

This blog is an attempt to provide broad access to a list of open calls for papers (and related announcements) for journals and conferences pertaining to design.  It’s run by Fil Salustri (salustri@ryerson.ca).

Coverage is currently limited to whatever I can reasonably add.  If I get a good feeling about this blog, and if there is sufficient interest, I will investigate broadening its scope, primarily by letting other people and groups post their own announcements here.

This blog is currently run strictly on a part-time, voluntary basis.

For Contributors

Would you like to contribute to this blog?

The more people contribute to this blog, the more comprehensive its coverage will be.  I’m particularly interested in people willing to represent research groups, departments, or societies.

If you want to contribute, keep reading.

Get Access

If you already have an account or a blog on WordPress, skip to step #2.

  1. If you do not have a WordPress account:
    1. Go to WordPress.com.  Follow the Sign Up Now link (usually near the top right corner of the page).
    2. Follow the information to get an account at WordPress (you can also get your own blog if you want).
    3. Make sure the account is active before continuing.
  2. Once you have a WordPress account or if you already have a WordPress blog (at WordPress.com):
    1. Send an email message to me (salustri@ryerson.ca) and tell me the email address that is associated with your WordPress blog.
    2. Indicate that you would like to be a contributor, and (just for my information) which group(s) you might represent, and what general disciplines might be covered by your postings.
    3. I’ll add you in the role of author (so you can create, change, and delete your own posts), and then let you know by email when it’s been set up.
    4. Please read the Posting Guidelines below before you start posting announcements.

Posting Guidelines

Anyone who has ever used a WordPress blog knows how do this.  I do not have time at the moment to teach new users how to use WordPress – although it’s really easy to learn.

These guidelines go beyond the standard instructions for creating posts, and they are only meant to help keep this blog tidy and well-organized.

Please do not post anything by publishers appearing on Beall’s list of suspicious publishers.  I will remove any posts about CFPs by publishers from Beall’s list will be removed as soon as I notice them.

Please DO NOT add graphics to your posts.  Link to some other site that has all the graphics you wish; but on this blog please to do upload images, clips, videos, etc.  Too much storage is going to such things.

This blog is only for announcements for, generally, opportunities to network and publish for research purposes, on design and related topics.  Generally, that means calls for papers or participation at conferences and workshops, and in journals and books. If your not sure if your item should be posted, check with me.

Before posting, please check to make sure your item wasn’t already posted by someone else.

The title of your post should start with a short name followed by the item’s full description.  Most conferences have some acronym version of their names.  Try to include a hint of the location in the title.  Try to make evident the nature of the submission.  And try to keep it short.  Examples:

  • MMEP2010: 1st Intl Conf on Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes (Cambridge UK)
  • Submissions for new book on Applied Concept Mapping
  • Workshop: Design and Hockey (Toronto Canada, Jan 2011)

Start with essential information. List the dates, location, website, and deadline of your event.  Anyone with any interest in your event will care most about those things, so put ’em up front!

The first paragraph is key. The first full paragraph should be a “hook” – a stand-alone paragraph that is short, yet also attracts the attention of all your target audience.

Categories are to distinguish kids of calls. Select only one category.  “Uncategorized” should never be used.  “Other” is for administrative and related messages.

Tags are for identifying the main topic of the item. Please select or add just one, general tag.  I do not want to use tags as “keywords,” or we’ll easily end up with thousands of tags.  Please choose or add the most general subject that is reasonable.  Please check existent tags and re-use them if possible.

Use the “more tag” for longer items. This tag – third from the right in the top row of the editor icons – inserts a special tag into the item, such that in the front page, only the part above the tag is displayed.  So the part of your post above the more tag should summarize the rest of the item.  Obviously, this only pertains to longer items.

Tidiness matters. We’re all busy, but a clean, professional post with a consistent look and feel will bring more eyeballs to the blog – and to your entries.  Take a few minutes to make sure it’s as clean as you can make it.

We can always tweak posts, so don’t worry too much if you make a mistake.  But the fewer mistakes, the less administrivial work I have to put into maintaining the blog.

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  1. Christian Tietz says:

    Thank you what great idea to have this blog!

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