CFP – “Critical Making: Design & the Digital Humanities” Visible Language special issue

​​Call for Proposals

“Critical Making: Design and the Digital Humanities”
Special issue of Visible Language

Proposal deadline: January 15, 2015
Anticipated publication: October 2015

Co-editors: Jessica Barness, Amy Papaelias

Download PDF:​

This special issue of Visible Language journal investigates critical making at the intersection of design and the digital humanities, which is a site for expanding the role(s) of divergent scholarly and creative work. Design and the digital humanities connect through critical making practices, centering on human experience and advancing the prevailing expectations of their respective disciplines. In keeping with the theme of merging form and content, the traditional printed journal will be expanded to include a corresponding online space for interactive and digital work. We invite dialogues on what defines scholarly works in regard to non-traditional forms of writing and disciplinary crossovers. For this issue, we encourage exploratory, creative works that incorporate evidence-based research through critical commentary, traditional analysis, audience responses or participant feedback.

Proposals should include a 300-word written abstract and a brief outline to show the structure of your argument. A corresponding visual abstract is strongly encouraged. For digital work, please include a URL or screenshots.

Please send proposals or inquiries through January 15, 2015 to Jessica Barness,
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