Deadline Extended to 31 August 2014! for Call for Abstracts: Designing Experience Conference (Hong Kong, November 2014)

DE-Banner-Web-3Dates: 27-29 November 2014
Location: Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 17 August 2014 31 August 2014.

At the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, we investigate current practice and scholarship in the new field of ‘experience design’. We now wish to expand our explorations by inviting a wider circle of practitioners and scholars to enquire into the ways in which slippery notions of ‘experience’ are shared, commodified, theorized and politicized across the spectrum of contemporary visual arts at an international, interdisciplinary conference to be held in Hong Kong from 27 to 29 November 2014 in association with Hong Kong’s Business of Design Week (BoDW 2014).

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Designing Experience-conference (Hong Kong, July 2014)

For reasons out of our control this conference needed to be rescheduled: for the new call for abstracts etc. please visit here.

Dates: 3 to 5 July 2014
Location: Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU, Hong Kong
Deadline for abstracts: 28 March 2014 (400 words)

We wish to invite professionals and academics with an interdisiplinary approach to design to join us in exchanging, comparing, reviewing and publishing current practice and ideas in Experience Design at the international, interdisciplinary conference:

Designing Experience: The Power of Context
Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong, July 2014

For this purpose we now invite submissions of abstracts for international peer review. Submissions should be of no more than 400 words in English, and reveal significant, original or previously unpublished academic research, professional/practical case studies or more experimental formats that respond to, or take further the following issues:

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Designing Experience: Call for Abstracts

Editor: Peter Benz (Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU)
“Designing Experience” (=working title) to be published in 2013, publisher not yet confirmed
Deadline for Abstracts: 30 Nov 2012


Despite its omnipresence in marketing ‘lingo’ and usability forums Experience Design in many ways lacks professional and academic frameworks, in which research and developments of the area can be conducted, discussed, published and reviewed. It is therefore the aim of this project to establish a R&D community of academics and professionals interested in the exploration of issues in Experience Design; to provide them an online platform to develop their individual projects while engaging, interacting and communicating with likewise interested researchers and professionals; to additionally organise opportunities for offline interaction to strengthen the network; and through these efforts to ultimately clarify theoretical and methodological issues and advance our understanding of the potentials and limitations of the area.

For this purpose submissions are invited on significant, original, and previously unpublished research, case studies and potentially other – more experimental – research formats. Among issues that could be raised are the following:

· Experience, its principal definition and its distinction from other forms of human knowledge;
· Aesthetics, poetics and ethics as related in and through experience;
· Experience as a narrative form;
· Experience Design as a methodological system;
· Media of experience, or ‘experiential messages’;
· Experience as designed time;
· Identity: an experiential construct;
· Social, spatial and other contexts affecting experience;
· The Experience Society;
· Virtuality and representation: what remains after the experience.

Please submit an abstract of your proposed research/project/case study of no more than 500 words plus a bibliography by 30 November 2012 for peer-reviewing. Only English language abstracts (and papers) will be considered. The authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to join a closed online research group to subsequently collaboratively work on the further development of respective projects. By May 2013 each project should result in a full paper of maximum 4,000 words for publication in the book ‘Designing Experience’ (working title; publisher to be confirmed). Other non-traditional formats of submissions are also welcome – e.g. photo-essays, graphical experimentations – as long as they lend themselves to publication in a book.

For more information please visit here.

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