. Glimpses of architecture, instants, daily moments without filter: they all, in different ways, tell the story of the life of the buildings that make up a contemporary city.

[…] In the early hours of the morning, the commuters are vulnerable, naked, and the pictures that I snap of them without being seen, reveal the raw and melancholic mosaic of a city that I’ve called my home for twenty years”

Antonio Monda – Author – “Inside the Naked City”


This Photo contest aims at selecting pictures linked to the thematic relationship between the modern city and the people inhabiting it. Streets, squares, buildings and borders…. are a daily part of people’s lives, they become essential elements of who we are and of how we perceive a city.


The city is what represents us, what shows us for what we are, our mission is to portray it realistically, for what it actually is. We live her, we play with her, we leave her, we fall in love with her and then, day by day, we underestimate her.


Let’s try to prove our love with a photo, making her feel what we feel for her. Let’s undress her…leave her naked.



The participation is free; every architect, student and professional or amateur photographer, without age limits can participate. It is possible to participate only as individual and not in a group. To participate send a mail to with a maximum of five pictures. Specify the author’s name and the surname, the image’s title, the represented town’s name and a short description (ten lines maximum) about the picture and the photographic project. The jury will select the most representative pictures and the winner. Every selected picture will be expose to a public exhibit in October at MEM – Mediateca del Mediterraneo in Cagliari (Italy) and they can be published online. The author will print the pictures considered appropriate and send to an address that will be communicated at a later stage, while the promoters will print the winning picture.

For further information please refer to the website:

TOURETTE_Journal#0: WideOpen Call for Calls (22 June 2014)

Call for Calls

Call for Calls



Deadline: 22 June 2014

Eligibility: Anybody is eligible. Authors may have a non-architectural background, but the call must fuel innovative debate within contemporary architectural discourse. Group submissions are allowed.

TOURETTE_journal looks at architecture as a loose and ever-changing discipline, dealing with everything spatial directly and by way of digital culture, shifting institutional ground, political and sociological issues, representational modes, drones and gorillas. Tourette recognizes the power of architectural discourse in the shaping of the discipline and the profession, and wishes to provide an open platform for the proliferating of ideas, debate and disagreement on issues related to the project of architecture in contemporary culture.

CALL: WIDEOPEN: Call for Calls offers winning applicants the opportunity to curate one issue of the journal and contribute to the all-too-contemporary quest for relevancy within architectural discourse. At a time of collective and disciplinary crisis, in which architecture is looking outside of itself in order to redefine its boundaries, WIDEOPEN looks for intriguing questions rather than easy answers, challenging doubts rather than soothing certainties. WIDEOPEN challenges issues of authoriality within the discipline by soliciting a collective effort and foregrounding participation. The first issue of the journal, gathering the collection of accepted calls, will read as a crowd sourced manifesto of contemporary architecture. The whole structure of the journal will revolve around this first issue, expanding it and implementing its scope.

THEMES: Submitted call for papers will deal with one of the following macrothemes/tagwords, expanding it, stretching it and counterubbing it in any way possible. The tagwords are intended to cover some significant moments in the process of design, but are intentionally ambiguous so as to encourage the most diverse interpretations of them:








May 2014: Call for Calls

22nd June: Submission deadline

29th June: notification of acceptance

August 2014: Tourette#0: WideOpen issue release

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: For submission details refer to website:

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