Installation Competition: Design Lounge (March 2015, Brisbane Australia)

Deadline for proposal submissions: 6 March 2015

The  Asia Pacific Design Library has just launched a Call for Proposals to design an installation for our Design Lounge located on Level 2 of the State Library of Queensland in South Bank, Brisbane. We are seeking proposals for an installation of a new and innovative work that demonstrates connections between Australia and the Asia Pacific region through design. Up for grabs is a $5000 honorarium plus an economy flight to and accommodation in Brisbane.

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Design Management Europe (DME) Award (Nov 2014, France)

Date: 20 November 2014
Location: St. Etienne, France
Deadline for submissions: 29 September 2014

DME Logo + Trophy copy


The Design Management Europe Award 2014/15 is now open for entries!

Be a winner of the only international Design Management Award!

The DME Award recognises successful design management and demonstrates how strategic practice of design management gives a competitive edge.

The DME Award Ceremony and the celebration of the winners will take place on the 20th of November, 2014 in St. Etienne, France.

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2014 IxDA Interaction Awards (Aug 2014)

Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2014

The IxDA Interaction Awards <> recognise and celebrate examples of excellence in Interaction Design across domains, channels, environments and cultures. entries for the 2015 awards have just opened, and close Aug 31. This year there are two tiers of award, as shortlisted finalists win a registration to attend & show your work at Interaction 15 <> in San Francisco this coming Feb.

The IxDA have a broad definition of Interaction Design, and these awards are a great way to demonstrate global impact and peer review of practice based outcomes that often don’t fit with traditional academic or design categories – I’d urge you to please consider entering work that fits. The Awards site <> has a good overview of how to put an entry together.

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. Glimpses of architecture, instants, daily moments without filter: they all, in different ways, tell the story of the life of the buildings that make up a contemporary city.

[…] In the early hours of the morning, the commuters are vulnerable, naked, and the pictures that I snap of them without being seen, reveal the raw and melancholic mosaic of a city that I’ve called my home for twenty years”

Antonio Monda – Author – “Inside the Naked City”


This Photo contest aims at selecting pictures linked to the thematic relationship between the modern city and the people inhabiting it. Streets, squares, buildings and borders…. are a daily part of people’s lives, they become essential elements of who we are and of how we perceive a city.


The city is what represents us, what shows us for what we are, our mission is to portray it realistically, for what it actually is. We live her, we play with her, we leave her, we fall in love with her and then, day by day, we underestimate her.


Let’s try to prove our love with a photo, making her feel what we feel for her. Let’s undress her…leave her naked.



The participation is free; every architect, student and professional or amateur photographer, without age limits can participate. It is possible to participate only as individual and not in a group. To participate send a mail to with a maximum of five pictures. Specify the author’s name and the surname, the image’s title, the represented town’s name and a short description (ten lines maximum) about the picture and the photographic project. The jury will select the most representative pictures and the winner. Every selected picture will be expose to a public exhibit in October at MEM – Mediateca del Mediterraneo in Cagliari (Italy) and they can be published online. The author will print the pictures considered appropriate and send to an address that will be communicated at a later stage, while the promoters will print the winning picture.

For further information please refer to the website:

Biomimicry 3.8 Student Design Competition (April 2014)

Theme: Life-Friendly Transportation Solutions
Deadline for Team Registration: 7 February 2014

Whether it’s simply getting from home to work or using products shipped over distances near and far, in every region of the world transportation impacts our daily lives.

At first glance, transportation may simply appear to be about the movement of people and goods. But looking deeper, it’s also closely linked to equality, access to healthy food and good schools, and wildlife impacts, for example.

As the mobility demands of people and freight have grown, so too has the need for products, systems, and services that will make the transportation sector more life-friendly, for both people and the planet.

Can biomimicry help us address the deeper needs around transportation? Let’s find out!

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Hult Prize (September 2013)

Sponsor: Swedish billionaire Bertil Hult and the Hult International Business School
Competition: “startup accelerator for social entrepreneurship” based around a specific issue conveyed through in-depth case study
Prize$1 million seeded into a new company that the winning team will run.
Eligibility: worldwide
Deadline : competition is more complex than most. It kicks off in September, worldwide, with 5-person teams affiliated to one university or college (an alum is allowed). There’s a regional competition component. There are online and offline components, as well as a live “accelorator” experience.

Better World Challenge: Redesigning the Billy Taylor House (August 2013)

Sponsor: The annual conference, A Better World by Design, and Providence nonprofit, Billy Taylor Project,
Competition: layout and programming for the second floor of the Billy Taylor House, a local RI community center, to affect, inspire, educate and unite the local youth.
Prize: Small cash prizes ($1000 and less) and display at the BWBD conference.
Eligibility: no geographic or student eligibility explicitly stated
Deadline : 16 August 2013

People, Prosperity, and Planet Competition (Autumn 2013)

Sponsor: US Environmental Protection Agency
Competition: challenges college students to design solutions for a sustainable future, across a wide range of categories such as water, energy agriculture, built environment, materials, green infrastructure, clean cooking, and chemicals.
Prize: seed money of $15,000, final prize for R&D of up to $90,000
Eligibility: United States, students at colleges or universities
Deadline : initial round in the autumn when colleges apply to compete for seed money. Winners of seed money continue through April to final judging

Siemens Urban Ideas Contest (Aug 2013)

Deadline for submissions: 19 August 2013

With half of humanity living in cities, urban life is becoming more and more challenging: clogged up subways, huge amounts of waste or bad air quality are just a few of the issues city dwellers struggle with. Luckily, exceptional minds around the world are already coming up with inventions that can help us lead a sustainable life in urban jungles. These people have been able to make their ideas come alive in order to improve the quality of life for themselves and the people around them.

Help Siemens find these inventions and create a human story about one of them! As a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, Siemens strives to drive innovations in cities and wants you to participate in their think tank of ideas for sustainable cities. The growth of urban infrastructure is approaching its limits and eventually, the fight against climate change will be decided in cities. Contribute to the conversation about this important topic and share YOUR urban ideas with us in a touching, human story!

More info, rules, etc. available at the website.

Design Competition: Sustainable Laundry (May 2013)

Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2013

A competition for creative, enthusiastic designers or design students from around the globe. Showcase your innovations and you could win a Nexus tablet.

See details at the website.

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