The Life Of The Object: An Experimental Workshop And Conference On Production, Consumption, and Creative Reuse In American Culture (Apr 2011, Madison USA)

The Mid-America American Studies Association (MAASA) Conference at The University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Sponsored by the UW Art History Department, the Material Culture Certificate Program, the Material Culture Focus Group, the Art History Grad Forum, and the Chipstone Foundation.
April 7-11, 2011
Deadline for submission: 15 October 2010

Historians and cultural critics who study objects have long focused on the relationships between production and consumption,┬ábut these dynamics deserve reexamination in today’s object-flooded world. At the same time, the concept and aesthetic of reuse is enjoying the spotlight in contemporary fashion and design, but has been employed for many years by architects, artists, and the American public as a strategy for survival as well as a political statement. This interdisciplinary experimental workshop and conference invites questions related to the core themes of production, consumption, and reuse in American history and contemporary life.

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