Design Business and Service Conference (April 2013, Rome)

Dates: 18-19 April 2013
Location: Rome, Italy
Deadline for proposals: 29 Jan 2013

This year’s guiding theme: Design(ing) Business and Services

Over the past decade, several conferences and interactive workshops have focused on managing as designing, on design management, business design and on changing the decision-making paradigm within the management field. Design is taught to management students and management to design students. Managers now can be thought of as designers, although they may not even be conscious about the design practices and methods they employ. In the midst of this development, the design of services has emerged as an important issue in professional conferences, in academic environments, and in the business world. Overall, it seems that the boundaries between professional claims are getting more and more fuzzy: Marketing departments are claiming that they have been developing services for years. Similarly, design thinking is moving through university departments and through corporate offices with the speed of a fashion fad.

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