Special Issue: International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics (October 2013)

Theme: advances in intelligent informatics for virtual and rapid prototyping in the integrated life cycle environment for efficient product development (PD).
Deadline for submissions: 30 October 2013
Website: http://www.inderscience.com/jhome.php?jcode=ijiei#about

Special issue for the journal of International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics (IJIEI) on The aim of this special issue is to enforce the view that the ‘intelligent informatics’ is critical for virtual and rapid prototyping in the integrative environment of CAD/CAM/CAE, and PDM systems for efficient product development (PD). We aim to present the approaches and results in research and technology of advances in intelligent informatics for virtual and rapid prototyping in the integrative environment. Furthermore, the aim is to highlight the applications of “Intelligent Engineering Informatics” to a larger class of problems. Additionally, we also hope that this special issue will broaden the scope of the journal “IJIEI” and will widen its horizons in research coverage and audiences.

Important Dates
30th Oct. 2013: Deadline for submission of full papers
31st Jan. 2014: First Review Decision
30th April 2014: Submission of Revised Paper 30th June 2014: Final decision on acceptance
Last quarter of 2014: Expected Publication

11th Intl Conf on Education & Information Systems, Technologies, and Applications (July 2013, Orlando Florida USA)

Dates: 9-12 July 2013
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Website: http://www.2013iiisconferences.org/imsci

Part of the 7th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics.


30 June – 6 July 2013, Porto, Portugal
Special Tracks on:
Education, Informatics, and Cybernetics: stEIC 2013, www.2013iiisconferences.org/steic
Society and Information Technologies: stSIT 3013 www.2013iiisconferences.org/stsit
International Conference on Complexity, Cybernetics, and Informing Science and Engineering:
CCISE 2013, www.2013iiisconferences.org/ccise

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MMMse 2011: Intl Symp on Qualitative, Quantitative, and Hybrid Modeling Methodologies in Science and Engineering (Mar 2011, Orlando)

Website: www.2011iiisconferences.org/mmmse
Dates: March 27th-30th, 2011 ~ Orlando, Florida, USA.
Deadline for submission: 6 January 2011.

In the context of The 2nd International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics: IMCIC 2011 (www.2011iiisconferences.org/imcic)
Submissions for face-to-face and virtual presentations are accepted and in both cases the respective final papers will be included in the proceedings.

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15th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (July 2011, Orlando)

We invite you to submit a paper/abstract to The 15th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WMSCI 2011, to be held in Orlando, Florida, USA, on July 19th – July 22nd, 2011 (www.2011iiisconferences.org/wmsci).  Papers/Abstracts Submission and Invited Session Proposals are due (updated) 11 March 2011.

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IMCIC 2011: 2nd Intl Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics (Mar 2011, Florida)

website: http://www.2011iiisconferences.org/IMCIC
Papers/Abstracts Submission and Invited Session Proposals: August 25th, 2010

Technical keynote speakers will be selected from early submissions because this selection requires an additional evaluation according to the quality of the paper, assessed by its reviewers, the authors’ CV and the paper’s topic.

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