Intl Joint Conf IDMME-VC / IMPROVE / INGEGRAF (June 2014, Toulouse France)

Dates: 18-20 June 2014
Location: Toulouse, France.
Deadline for submissions: 15 January 2014

On behalf of ADM, AIP-PRIMECA and INGEGRAF associations and also the organizing committee of the conference, I am pleased to announce the 2014 International Conference related to research on Mechanical, Design Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing aims to be one of the key international meetings of a dynamic interdisciplinary community. It gathers together academics, researchers and industry specialists actively seeking new solutions allowing industrial innovation to be improved and guaranteed.

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5th Intl Forum of Design as a Process (May 2014, Guadalajara Mexico)

Dates: 22-24 May 2014
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2013

The Latin Network for the Development of Design Processes and the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara, invite you to participate in the 5th International Forum of Design as a Process «Advanced Design Cultures. The shapes of the future as the front end of design driven innovation», which will be held at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico), from 22 to 24 May 2014 (

English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish versions of the call for papers are available at

The online submission form is open from May 30 to October 15, 2013 for all paper proposals.

Complete details for submissions and registrations can be found at and

For any further information, please contact the Forum Help Desk

New journal on design creativity

The International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation has been launched.
You can see the inaugural issue of the journal online on the following URL:

Free access is available:

The journal is currently receiving paper submissions for review.

Please submit your original papers and encourage your colleagues to submit their papers to the journal.

Making Futures: Interfaces between craft knowledge and design: new opportunities for social innovation and sustainability (Sep 2013, Plymouth UK)

Dates: 26-27 September 2013
Location: Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth, UK
Deadline for submissions: 10 May 2013

The CALL FOR ABSTRACTS is now open and the closing date for receipt is 10th May 2013. Making Futures invites submissions from artists, craftspeople, designers, curators, historians, theorists, campaigners, activists, and representatives from public and private institutions with an interest in the relationship between contemporary craft practice, sustainability and social issues.

Making Futures aims to investigate contemporary craft as a ‘change agent’ within 21st century society – particularly in relation to global environmental and sustainability issues, social equity and social innovation practices. In doing so, it tries to explore whether these imperatives present opportunities for the crafts to redefine and reconstitute themselves as more centrally productive forces in society.

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IDEMi 2013: 3rd Intl Conf on Integration of Design, Engineering, & Management for Innovation (Sep 2013, Portugal)

Dates: 4-6 September 2013
Location: Porto, Portugal
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 March 2013

Following the success of IDEMi 2009 and IDEMi 2012, we are pleased to announce the 3rd International Conference on integration of Design, Engineering & Management for innovation (IDEMi 2013) that will be held in Porto, Portugal, on September 4-6, 2013 (http://idemi2013,com). The IDEMI conference aims to create a forum for discussion, among academics and non-academics of topics with impact on innovation. The main theme of the conference will be “Innovating in a complex and uncertain world”, characterized by intense competition, rapid changes and immense opportunities.

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Equality, growth and innovation – in theory and practice (Oct 2013, Lulea Sweden)

Dates: 9-10 October 2013
Location: Kulturens hus in Lulea, Sweden
Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2013

See the website for further information.


Promoting equal innovation;
Social and service innovation in working life;
Public sector innovation for quality and growth;
Methods and results of equality efforts;
Masculinities and femininities in transition

Important dates

21 January 2013 (Call for abstracts);
28 February 2013 (Deadline abstract submission);
26 April 2013 (Announcement of approved abstracts);
31 May 2013 (Last day for conference registration);
15 August 2013 (Deadline submission full paper);
9-10 October 2013 (Conference)

GIDEC 2013: Gaborone International Design Conference (September 2013, Gaborone Botswana)

Dates: 24-26 September 2013
Location: University of Botswana, Africa
Deadline for submissions of abstracts: 7 January 2013

Design in developing countries or new emerging economies especially in Africa is not recognized as a driving force for developing alternative socio-economic opportunities. There are few universities and institutions of high learning that offer design related courses in Africa. What could be some of the contributing factors to this scenario if design has the potential to change the society’s lives? Therefore, the goal of the Gaborone International Design Conference (GIDEC) 2013 is to lay the groundwork to build a scholarly community and advance the state of the art in design, research, theory, and practice, and produce a significant contribution to the field through the paper presentations, and conference proceedings.

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ICE & IEEE-ITMC Annual Conference (June 2013, the Hague)

Dates: 24-26 June 2013
Location: the Hague, the Netherlands
Deadline for submissions: 10 February 2013

Under the motto “Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship” we will have the unique conference in 2013. Several scientific and practitioner networks meet to discuss technology and innovation management topics. We are delighted to invite you to this event, and we would like you to consider submitting a paper, a poster presentation or a workshop proposal.

Join the ICE & IEEE-ITMC – Conference June 24-26 2013 in the Hague, the Netherlands.
The theme of the conference is “Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.
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3rd Participatory Innovation Conf (June 2013, Lahti Finland)

Dates: 18-20 June 2013
Location: Lahti, Finland
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 3 December 2012

The 3rd Participatory Innovation Conference, PIN-C will be held in Lahti, Finland on 18-20 June 2013. Organised jointly by Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lahti School of Innovation (LUT LSI) and University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg Participatory Innovation Research Centre (SPIRE), this conference will bring together researchers, artists, designers and practitioners. The 3-day programme will include presentations by leading keynote speakers, research paper sessions, applied theatre, a hands-on innovation session with industry cases, and artistic interpretations of research.

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NordiCHI2012 Workshop: Crossing Boundaries: Exploring What Design Can Do (Oct 2012, Copenhagen)

Dates: 13-14 October 2012
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Web site:
Deadline for submissions: 1 August 2012

Due to increasing specialization in organizations and multidisciplinary teamwork, boundaries are becoming more explicit obstacles. Boundary objects are one proposed means for crossing these boundaries. This workshop provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to share experiences and issues with crossing boundaries in multidisciplinary innovation projects.

The current workshop focuses on how one can make a boundary object for use and aims to explore what the role of design can do making appropriate boundary objects. We want to improve the understanding of what works and what doesn’t and be able to develop both practical and theoretical applications of such by actually ‘designing’ boundary crossing solutions during the workshop including a research-through-design approach.

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