J of Interior Design: Special Issue on Interior Design History (Feb 2012)

Deadline for submission: 15 Feb 2012
Full CFP: http://www.idec.org/news/documents/CallforJIDHistoryPapers.pdf

In recognition of the importance of continuing contributions to Interior Design’s History as well as IDEC’s (Interior Design Educators Council), the Journal of Interior Design anticipates a special issue to be published in 2013. This issue intends to bring together new and important research on the history of interior design, its practitioners, and development as a profession. JID invites scholarly research papers for consideration in the special issue.

Contributors are asked to submit full papers and abstracts on themes relating to Interior Design’s past. Papers can focus on, but are not limited to, contributions of past and present individuals and firms; significant interiors and furnishings; and various interior design processes such as education, professional development, professional organizations, or preservation. Authors may present empirical research, theory, or issues-oriented papers that advance the body of knowledge in interior design’s history.

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Probing the Interior 1800-2012 (May 2012, London)

Date: 25 May 2012
Location:  The Courtauld Institute of Art and King’s College London, UK
Deadline for submission:   2011-11-30
Contact: probingtheinterior@gmail.com

Bodily, psychic and spatial interiors can be mapped, traversed and violated in multiple ways. This one-day conference will interrogate and re-evaluate the contested terrain of the interior in its varied forms. It will examine the interlacing and overlapping of different types of interiors, and seek to re-position the ‘interior’ in critical terms. Moreover, it will attempt to develop new ways of thinking about the relationship between the decorative arts, furniture, bio-technologies, anatomy and space. The conference will take place in The Courtauld Institute of Art Research Forum and conclude with a keynote address in the Anatomy Theatre at King’s College London.

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IE Intl Conf 2012: Reinventing architecture and interiors: the past, the present and the future (March 2012, London UK)

Dates: 29-30 March 2012
Website: http://www.interioreducators.co.uk/
Deadline for abstracts submission: 1 Nov 2011

An International Conference on the re-use and re-design of buildings in contemporary settings
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Special Issue of Interiors: Special Effects: Technology and the Interior Experience (July 2011)

Call for Articles – Special Issue (Vol. 3 Issue 1 – 2012)
Deadline for summaries: 31 July 2011.

The editors Anne Massey (Kingston University) and John Turpin (Washington State University) invite contributions to the journal’s 2012 special issue SPECIAL EFFECTS: Technology and the Interior Experience. This issue will examine the impact of technology on the development of the interior and the accompanying human experience. As the 21st century unfolds, technological additions, integrations and interventions have become more pervasive altering our interface with
the built environment and greatly impacting our perception of the world around us: requiring us to face reality on the one hand, and yet allowing us to slip into immersive fantasies on the other. The divisions between outside and inside have become more porous, with virtual worlds and lived experience colliding and coalescing. Gadgets for the home; technology and sustainable living; shopping and atmosphere; projecting digital place and the development of gendered technologies are all areas that are open for analysis from an interior studies perspective.

The editors welcome submissions of articles addressing the topic of the interior and technology broadly defined. Submissions reflecting the latest research on the interior from historians, practitioners and theorists are particularly welcomed. Principal articles of 5,000 to 7,000 words, including notes and references, with 4-8 illustrations are invited, and should be sent as an attachment to interiors@bergpublishers.com by 31st July 2010.

Further details of the Journal, including Notes for Contributors, are available at http://www.bergjournals.com/interiors.

If you have any queries about the Journal or about submitting an article, please contact us on this email address: interiors@bergpublishers.com.

Interior Economies: IDEA JOURNAL 2011 (June 2011)

Guest Editor: Julieanna Preston
Details at http://www.idea-edu.com/Journal/2011/2011-IDEA-Journal
Website: www.idea-com.au
Deadline for expression of interest: 30 June 2011.

Academics, research students and practitioners are invited to submit design research papers and critical project works that engage with interior design/interior architecture theory and practice for the IDEA JOURNAL 2011.

Originally identifying the household or family as the basic unit of society, the term economy implicates the social and material relations of a prominent type of interior, the domestic sphere. The notion of economy has expanded in contemporary usage to denote systems of production, distribution, exchange and consumption at a global scale. In much of today’s world, to be economical is to make the efficient use of resources, even to the extent of frugality. And yet, in sharp contrast and with immediate relevance, economy conceptually refers to a face to face relational exchange, an active sharing and social interaction which has the capacity to occur in interiors other than those inscribed by physical enclosure or geographical locale.

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Flow 1 & 2: interiors and landscape (May 2011, London)

FLOW: a conference in two parts
Deadline for abstracts: Flow 2- changed to 21 Sep 2011

Two linked conferences – FLOW 1 and FLOW 2 – will address issues of the relationships between interiors and landscape. FLOW 1 will take a historical perspective covering the period from the late nineteenth century to the present day. It will be hosted by the Modern Interiors Research Centre (MIRC) in collaboration with the Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University, in London on the 12th and 13th May 2011. FLOW 2 takes a critical approach to contemporary environments, and will develop themes and issues that emerge at FLOW 1 in London. This conference will take place at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, in February 2012.

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5th Annual IIDA/Metropolis Smart Environment Awards

Good Design is more than pretty. It’s Smart.

PURPOSE: To recognize individuals and collaborative teams creating excellent, leading edge interior environments.
WHO SHOULD ENTER: Interior Design and Architecture professionals and teams practicing legally in their jurisdictions.
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Projects must have been completed after April 2009 (and not previously published).

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2010 Interstices Under Construction Symposium (Oct 2010, Auckland)

2010 Interstices Under Construction Symposium: Unsettled Containers: Aspects of Interiority
University of Auckland, 8-10 October 2010
Website: http://www.interstices.auckland.ac.nz
Deadline for abstract submission: 5 July 2010
Keynote speaker (to be confirmed): Prof David Leatherbarrow (University of Pennsylvania School of Design)

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Interior Ecologies: IDEA JOURNAL 2010

Academics, research students and practitioners are invited to submit design research papers and critical project works that engage with interior design/interior architecture theory and practice for the IDEA JOURNAL 2010.
Deadline for registration of interest: 7 June 2010.


The IDEA JOURNAL 2010 provocation Interior Ecologies: exposing the evolutionary interior seeks to elicit emergent interior debates on contemporary spatial, material and performative practices. Can a critical ecological approach to practice and discourse in interiors enable expanded locales for research and experiment across disciplinary and theoretical boundaries? Normative concepts concerned with the designed habitat, or discursive debates around the interfaces of interior and exterior conditions, may fall short in provoking interior thinking to engage through ecologies of practice that contribute to advancing environments, technologies and cultures. Interior Ecologies requests expressions of interest regarding theoretical research, design practice and educational accounts that promote the concept of evolutionary interiors. Examinations of historical, contemporary and relational perspectives for constructed situations and/or events are welcome.

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IFW2010: Interiors Forum World (Oct 2010, Milano)

INTERIOR WOR[L]DS, 5-6 October 2010 Conference, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
27 September – 8 October 2010 Exhibition

The premises laid down by IFW2010 is that in our globalised world it is possible to construct a single unified narrative – though one with different facets – or to describe/specify a complex constellation of Interiors by means of the words that characterise them.

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