16th European Conf on Knowledge Management – ECKM 2015 (Sep 2015, Udine Italy)

Dates: 3-4 September 2015
Location: The University of Udine, Italy
Website: http://academic-conferences.org/eckm/eckm2015/eckm15-call-papers.htm
Deadline for submissions: 12 February 2015.

Knowledge management has emerged in the last two decades as a key activity for value creation as well as for economic and social organizational memory building. Culture and organizational learning, supported by modern information and communication technologies, are responsible for multiple knowledge leverage processes, which when properly managed contribute to dynamic organizational sustainability. These and other related topics will be discussed and explored at the 16th European Conference on Knowledge Management. This will be an excellent opportunity to leverage our knowledge, to share our experiences and to reinforce our academic and scientific networks. Continuing the success of the ECKM conference series since 2000, the 2015 conference will provide an international communication forum bringing together academia and industry for discussing the progress made and addressing the challenges faced by continuous learning in knowledge-intensive organizations.

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CMC 2014: 6th Intl Conf on Concept Mapping (Sep 2014, Santos Brazil)

Dates: 23-25 September 2014
Location: Santos, Brazil
Website: http://cmc.ihmc.us
Deadline for submissions: UPDATED 26 May 2014

Contact: cmc2014@ihmc.us
Local arrangements: cmc2014-local@ihmc.us

The Sixth International Conference on Concept Mapping follows on the success of the first five Conferences held in Pamplona, San José, Tallinn/Helsinki, Viña del Mar and Valletta in bringing together scholars and practitioners interested in concept mapping. It is being organized by the University of São Paulo (Brazil) and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (USA).

The Conference is aimed at all persons interested in the use of concept maps (based on the work of Dr. Joseph Novak), including, but not limited to: facilitation of learning; eliciting, capturing, archiving, and using “expert” knowledge; planning instruction; assessment of “deep” understandings; research planning; collaborative knowledge modeling; creation of “knowledge portfolios”; administrative and strategic planning and monitoring and knowledge management.

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EKSIG 2013: Knowing Inside Out – experiential knowledge, expertise and connoisseurship (July 2013, Loughborough UK)

Dates: 4-5 July 2013
Location: Loughborough University, UK
Conference website: http://www.experientialknowledge.org
Deadline for submission for abstracts: UPDATED: 22 November 2012

EKSIG is part of a programme of Special Interest Groups set up by the Design Research Society (DRS) to facilitate international exchange and advance in relevant areas of design.  EKSIG is concerned with the understanding and management of knowledge in research and professional practice in design in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices, with regard to both research degree regulations/requirements and research methodology.

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Multiple CFPs for Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

AI EDAM Journal: Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing

  • gesturing,
  • representing and reasoning in 3D,
  • design computing and cognition,
  • sketching,
  • intelligent decision-making, and
  • design communication.

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