EKSIG 2015: Intl Conf of the DRS SIG on Experiential Knowledge: Tangible Means – Experiential Knowledge through Materials (Nov 2015, Denmark)

Dates: 22-26 November 2015
Location: Design School Kolding and University of Southern Denmark
Website: http://www.experientialknowledge.org.uk/conference.html
Deadline for submissions: UPDATED 8 June 2015

This conference welcomes contributions exploring and discussing materials in relation to sensuous qualities, objects, context, strategy, service, space, time, place, techniques, discipline, domain, production, sustainability, interaction, use, metaphors, imaginations, associations, reflective thinking, etc. We interpret materials here in the widest possible sense to include any kind of creative outputs in whatever formats. With this conference, we wish to explore different ways in which experiential knowledge through materials can be given more appropriate consideration within the framework of research. This may include for example investigations into the nature, aims, validity, evaluation and/or necessity of different modes of communication and exchange.

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Special Issue of Materials & Design: Emerging Material Experiences (Nov 2014)

Website: http://www.journals.elsevier.com/materials-and-design/
Deadline for submissions: 1 November 2014

Please see attached PDF file for details: specialissue-material-experiences

AIS/Design Storia e Ricerche #4: Italian Material Design: Learning from History (July 2014)

Website:  journal@aisdesign.org
Deadline for submissions: 7 July 2014

Editors:  G. Bosoni and M. Ferrara

The 4th number of the “Ais/Design. Storia e Ricerche” Journal (expected journal publication November 2014), is proposed as an occasion of confrontation on the theme of the relationship between materials and Italian design. The aim of this call is to collect a series of original contributions with unpublished writings or re-positioning well known stories, that provide documentary evidence of the proposed topic (the particular attention of the Italian Design to materials, technologies and productive processes), with its various stories – product, fashion, interiors, visual, etc. – also focusing on how communication design contributed to build this myth. Even if based on the Italian history, the call also demands a other contributions that could compare foreign episodes and experiences with these Italian realities to better understand the specificities of the Italian case.

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Smart Design Conference (Feb 2013, Sydney Australia)

Smart Design Conference 2013
Location: The University of Western Sydney (Parramatta South Campus)
Dates: 5-7 February 2013
Website: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/smartdesign.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 28 October 2012

The 2nd International Smart Design conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss issues, identify challenges and directions, and share their R&D findings and experiences in the areas of design, materials and technology. The University of Western Sydney, in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University (UK), is proud to be hosting this conference in 2013.

Conference Scope and Theme
New materials and advanced technologies are critical to the economy of the twenty-first century. Good product designs merge materials, technology and hardware into a unified user experience in which technology recedes into the background. By focusing on functional gain, critical awareness and emotive connection, even multifaceted and complex technology can become an integral part of daily life. Researchers, designers and developers must understand how to appropriate the right technical and human knowledge to drive their innovations.

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FUTURE TALKS 011: Technology and Conservation of Modern Materials in Design (Oct 2011, Munich)

Dates: October 26 to 28, 2011
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 March 2011
Contact: bechthold@die-neue-sammlung.de

The Conservation Department, Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich – is pleased to announce the subsequent event of our last year, very enthusiastically received, international conference FUTURE TALKS 009:
FUTURE TALKS 011. Technology and Conservation of Modern Materials in Design, to be held at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Germany.

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The Life of New Materials (Nov 2011, Philadelphia)

Paper proposals are invited for a conference on Nov. 17 and 18, 2011 that will explore the lives of the new materials that have made possible many of the technological advances of our age.
Deadline for proposals: 1 April 2011.

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