Architecture and Culture v2 n1 (Mar 2014)

Theme: architecture and culture through the lens of disciplinary practice
Deadline for submissions: 14 June 2013

Editors: Igea Troiani and Suzanne Ewing

Vol. 2/Issue 01 is an open call for submissions that address Architecture and Culture through the broad lens of disciplinary practices. We welcome full-length submissions that explore historical, geographical, anthropological, sociological, filmic, acoustic, design or literary interpretations of what this might mean. Architecture and Culture publishes explorations that are rigorously speculative, purposively imaginative, visually and verbally stimulating. We welcome orthodox and unorthodox methods of representation and critical writing. Whether a comic strip, film, fiction story, drawing, design hypothesis or scholarly paper, in this CFP we seek submissions with a critical argument about disciplinary practices, architecture and culture.

Architecture and Culture is the international, peer-reviewed journal of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA). It investigates the relationship between architecture and the culture that shapes and is shaped by it. Whether culture is understood extensively, as shared experience of everyday life, Architecture and Culture asks how architecture participates in and engages with it – and how both culture and architecture might be reciprocally transformed.

The submission deadline is 14th June 2013, 5pm UK time. We seek full submissions, not abstracts, by this date. All papers should be submitted electronically via Editorial Manager at:

Accepted articles will be published in March 2014.

For author instructions, please go to ‘Notes for Contributors’ at

Design Research Conference of the IIT Institute of Design (Oct 2012, Chicago)

Dates: 9-10 October 2012
Location: Venue SIX10, Chicago, USA
Deadline for submissions: 30 July 2012

This year’s Design Research Conference seeks to expand the space design research plays in by looking beyond our current best practices. Inspired by the notion of the adjacent possible, the conference will present research from a combination of design and decidedly non-design fields. In the ongoing search to better understand behavior, decision-making, and the evolving implications of data on it all, let’s take inspiration from work in different disciplines.

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NordDesign 2012 (Aug 2012, Aalborg Denmark)

Location: Aalborg, Denmark
Dates: August 22-24, 2012
Deadline for abstracts submissions: 1 Feb 2012

The conference is organized in cooperation with the Design Society and complies to the Design Society quality standards with respect to review process, publication etc. The conference venue will be the newly renovated powerplant “Nordkraft”.  Nordkraft is an exceptional initiative combining various cultural offerings. Keynotes will be given by LEGO, Bang & Olufsen, and Siemens Wind Power.

The conference topic is design in a wide context:

  • Integrated Product Development,
  • Engineering Design,
  • Industrial Design and Conceptualisation.
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