Community Now? The Politics of Participatory Design (Feb 2015, Berlin Germany)

Dates: 19-21 February 2015
Location: Jewish Museum Berlin, Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin
Registration deadline: 8 February 2015

The international symposium focuses on emergent issues of urban grassroots movements, especially in relation to current social developments in Germany and Israel. Together with guests and projects from all over we explore how to promote processes of active participation and support a sustainable development of communities, their impact on policy making and on everyday life. The event is the closure of the German-Israeli research project “Communty Now?” between the Berlin University of the Arts and the Bezalel Academy Jerusalem.
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Design Anthropology in Participatory Design: From Ethnography to Anthropological Critique (Oct 2014, Namibia)

Date: 6 October 2014
Location: PDC2014, Windhoek, Namibia
Deadline for submission of position papers: UPDATED 28 July 2014

Workshop at PDC2014.

In this workshop we explore the opportunities of ethnography and design anthropology in Participatory Design (PD) as an approach to design in an increasingly global and digital world. Traditionally, ethnography has been used in PD to research real-life contexts and challenges, and as ways to involve people in defining user-needs and design opportunities. As the boundaries between physical, digital and hybrid spaces and experiences become increasingly blurred, so do conventional distinctions between research and design. The workshop invites participants in the field to explore opportunities of using design anthropology as a holistic and critical approach to societal challenges, and a way for anthropologists and designers to engage in design that extends beyond the empirical.

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Workshop: Participatory Design for Persons Living with Cognitive or Sensory Impairments @ CHI2014

Are you interested in participatory design and do you work with users with impairments? We organize a workshop on participatory design for persons with cognitive or sensory impairments at CHI2014 in Toronto, Canada. This workshop will be held on April 26 or 27.

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13th Participatory Design Conf (Oct 2014, Namibia)

Dates: 6-10 October 2014
Location: Windhoek, Namibia
Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2014

Upon literally having embraced new territories of participation at the PDC 2012, with the decision to host the PDC 2014 on the African continent, for the first time in history, we will now engage with the theme of:

“Reflecting connectedness”

Although ‘Participatory Design’ as such has not been a prevalent term in Africa, ‘Participation’ however is a familiar concept in Africans’ every day activities and deeply anchored in the Southern African philosophy of UBUNTU, recognising principles of relationships between people. Besides, societies all over the world have acknowledged profound links between people and their environment for many centuries. Moreover we are currently experiencing a technologically pushed trend in ‘being always connected’. This is manifested in a number of designed artefacts, such as smart-phones, social networks, computer supported cooperative and distributed working tools.

By ‘reflecting connectedness’ in participatory design, we acknowledge influential relations across continents, societies, people, disciplines and time, beyond the direct involvement of stakeholders. We recognise the value of accumulated experiences elsewhere and over time to enrich the field of Participatory Design. We further engage in critical debates of what it means to design within and for a multilayered network, such as the on-line world versus off-line interactions, the blurring distinction of designers and users, researchers and artists, design and research ‘in the wild’, designing for social justice, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

The 2014 PDC will be a platform to connect ‘in person’ with designers, researchers, artists, practitioners and other related people, to engage in fruitful dialogues, to participate in numerous activities such as tutorials, workshops, doctorial consortiums, participatory art encounters, paper presentations as well as game viewing and exquisite dinning.

All in all you are looking forward to an unforgettable conference experience with many new insights and connections.

Workshop: Participatory Design for Persons with Cognitive or Sensory Impairments @ Interact2013 (Sep 2013, Cape Town)

Dates: 3 September 2013
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Deadline for application: 15 May 2013

Are you interested in participatory design and do you work with users with impairments? We organize a workshop on participatory design for persons with cognitive or sensory impairments at Interact 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. This workshop will be held on Tuesday September 3rd.

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3rd Participatory Innovation Conf (June 2013, Lahti Finland)

Dates: 18-20 June 2013
Location: Lahti, Finland
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 3 December 2012

The 3rd Participatory Innovation Conference, PIN-C will be held in Lahti, Finland on 18-20 June 2013. Organised jointly by Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lahti School of Innovation (LUT LSI) and University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg Participatory Innovation Research Centre (SPIRE), this conference will bring together researchers, artists, designers and practitioners. The 3-day programme will include presentations by leading keynote speakers, research paper sessions, applied theatre, a hands-on innovation session with industry cases, and artistic interpretations of research.

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DIS’12 Workshop: Perspectives on Participation: Evaluating cross-disciplinary tools, methods, and practices (June 2012, Newcastle UK)

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
Date: 11th June 2012
Deadline for submissions: 16 March 2012

In this workshop we aim to explore the growing fascination with participation across design, art, social science and the sciences in recent years. We find ourselves in a situation where the boundaries between participatory tools and methods from specific disciplines are becoming blurred. Researchers and practitioners must now negotiate the appropriateness of methods and tools given the different epistemologies and practices across various disciplines. There comes a temptation to develop or use new methods and processes without necessarily understanding those that have been used before. There is often little reflection on why we might want to involve people in design and artistic practices, nor understand the motivations of those who do participate and what they take from the process. At the same time, project and funding commitments may mean participation becomes an end in itself as opposed to a means for improving research processes and products.

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Cumulus 2012 (May 2012, Helsinki)

Dates: 24-26 May 2012
Location: Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Deadline for abstracts/proposals: Updated 22 Nov 2011

“Open, participative cities: how design knowledge can support public services in the development of open, participative human environment”
The Cumulus conference, interlinked in the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012, is organized in the premises of Aalto University, in the School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland and in the neighboring city of Espoo. The conference program has the opportunity to include pre-conferences and site events.
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Participatory Innovation Conference (Jan 2012, Melbourne)

Dates: 12-14 Jan 2012
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Deadline for abstracts: UPDATED 15 Aug 2011

Swinburne University Faculty of Design in collaboration with SPIRE, University of Southern Denmark is proud to host the 2012 Participatory Innovation Conference. This is a forum where participants from different disciplines and organisations can meet and challenge each other to develop the field of participatory innovation. It will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 12-14 January 2012.

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12th Participatory Design Conf: Embracing New Territories of Participation (Aug 2012, Denmark)

Location: Roskilde, Denmark
Dates: 12-16 August 2012
Deadline for abstract submission: 15 Jan 2012

With firm roots in the original Participatory Design focus on involving people in the introduction of technology into their work, the theme of the next PDC conference invites us to explore traditional fields of participatory design as well as emerging areas, field, arenas and forms of participation.
Skilled workers are still participating in design processes aiming at developing tools for quality of working life, but designing for everyday life poses new challenges for the way participation is practiced and understood. Today we are designing engaging experiences not only through participation but also for participation.
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