Special Issue of Philosophy and Technology: Methods in Philosophy of Design and Philosophy of Science (Dec 2013)

Theme: Methods in Philosophy of Design and Philosophy of Science
Guest Editor: Pieter Vermaas, Philosophy Department, Delft University of Technology
Website: http://www.editorialmanager.com/phte/
Deadline for submissions: 1 December 2013

Philosophy & Technology invites authors to submit contributions to its special issue Methods in Philosophy of Design and Philosophy of Science with work on design and its methods. Contributions may be about understanding and demarcating design, and on design methods, using work on scientific methods in philosophy of science. Contributions are welcomed from all traditions in philosophy and beyond, ranging from older work on the natural sciences to newer work on the experimental and social sciences, and ranging from foundational to post-phenomenological approaches. Contributions may be programmatic to philosophy of design and may be presenting new results and arguments.

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