Special Issue of Intl J of Product Development (March 2014)

Website: http://www.inderscience.com/mapper.php?id=35&jid=145
Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2014

Based on previous analysis, this special issue is dedicated to collect current cutting-edge research contributions of dynamic requirement management in the context of complex product development (CPD). It encompasses the whole requirement change management process, from requirement change elicitation, modeling, visualization to control. It will include but not limited to following topics:

  • Need identification and requirement elicitation methods (interviewing, question-asking, QFD…) in CPD
  • Big data analysis for requirement management in CPD
  • Requirement change management in CPD
  • Requirement change modeling (DSM, ROM…) in CPD
  • Requirement change representation and visualization (DOORS, C-FAR…) in CPD
  • Strategic and scenario planning in CPD
  • Anticipatory design (TRIZ, anticipatory capacity…) in CPD
  • Lean principle in change management
  • Evolutionary product development

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