Shapeshifting: Transformative Paradigms of Fashion and Textile Design (April 2014, Aukland NZ)

Dates: 14-16 April 2014
Location: Aukland University of Technology, NZ
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 September 2013

In September 2011 the fashion theorist and practitioner, Otto von Busch, delivered a paper at the ISEA conference in Istanbul. Its title alerts us to something immediately contemporary and vitally important in developing a perspective on fashion practices and theories. Von Busch abuts the three words ‘fashion’, ‘hacking’ and ‘shapeshifting’ in a way that points to some paradigmatic shift in how we now have to find our bearings with technologies, clothing and cultures. Von Busch opens his ISEA presentation, “Fashion Hacking as Shapeshifting” with the simple and direct observation: “Fashion is transformation. It is a promise of becoming a vessel of shapeshifting, a craft with which we can navigate across the currents of the social.” It is a promise. This suggests, as with all promises, it is futural, to be accomplished. And like all promises, we always run the risk of this promise being broken, its un-fulfillment. Between transformations, promises and shapeshiftings we are disposed and composed to all of the risks that go by the name ‘fashion’. Shapeshifting is a capacity or potential of sentient beings, a capability of organisms to auto-transformations, as responsive agency to their setting.

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Call for Papers: TRIP (Textiles Research in Process) Symposium

TRIP : An international symposium exploring the role and relevance of traditional hand skills in contemporary textiles, and the value and status of craft process.

Date :  16th November 2011
Organisers :  Val Beattie & Kerry Walton in collaboration with the
Textile Research Group and Duck online journal for research in textiles and textile design
Venue :  School of the Arts, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK

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Call for Submissions: DUCK Journal for Research in Textiles and Textile Design

DUCK Journal for Research in Textiles and Textile Design: Call for Submissions

Current Call: “What is the impact of austerity on craft making and fashion design?”

The impact of recession and periods of austerity have led to changes in textile making and the skill base that supports these activities. The recent financial difficulties in the UK are resulting in an increase in craft based workshops, retail outlets stocking textile supplies and temporary shops popping up in residential areas that offer sewing machine classes and pay-by-the-hour sewing machines. Students and graduates of textile design courses are experiencing difficulties in obtaining work placements and employment in the sector. However, speaking recently Karl Lagerfeld said that his work in fashion design has not been affected as he is working in a global arena where not all markets are in recession. The Crafts Council reported in April 2009 that although there was a slight decrease in visitor numbers to recent contemporary craft events, there was no discernable impact on sales figures. They envisaged however a shift in the demographic of the contemporary crafts consumer. Changes in consumer attitudes and a reduction in the teaching of textile skills in schools has led to a generation with different perceptions of making.

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DUCK: What is textile design research?

Call for Journal Contributions: What is textile design research?
Deadline for submissions: 22nd January 2010

Research for textiles is broad and far reaching. Historical, theoretical, technical, scientific, commercial and aesthetic strands interweave to create a complex and interdisciplinary field of investigation and invention. The intention of the first call for submissions to DUCK is to explore the nature and significance of current Textile Design research and establish a platform for
future discourse.

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