Design Principles & Practices (March 2013, Tokyo)

Dates: 6-8 March 2013
Location: Chiba (Greater Tokyo)
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 11 October 2012

Proposals for paper presentations, workshops, or colloquia are invited for the Seventh International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, to be held 6-8 March 2013 at Chiba University in Chiba (Greater Tokyo), Japan. We welcome proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to the conference discourse. We also encourage faculty and students to jointly submit proposals or panel discussions/colloquia.

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6th Workshop of the Design Society SIG on Design Theory (Feb 2013, Paris France)

Location: Mines Paris Tech, France
Dates: 4-5 February 2013
Deadline for submission/interest: 31 October 2012

The 6th workshop of the Design Society’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Design Theory, this year in co-operation with the SIG on Creativity, will take place on 4-5 February 2013 at Mines Paris Tech, 60 boulevard Saint Michel, Paris, France.

Contributions are welcome from these areas:

1- Design Theory and other disciplines: decision theory, AI, engineering sciences, biology,…
2- The value of Design Theory for practitioners
3- Design Theory and Education
4- Design Theory and perception theory
5- Design theory and the economics of design

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Nordes 2013: Experiments in Design Research: Expressions, Knowledge, Critique (June 2013, Copenhagen/Malmö)

Location: Copenhagen/Malmö
Dates: 9-12 June 2013
Deadline for submissions: UPDATED 10 January 2013

Design is closely affiliated with the experimental, which is as an exploratory and probing undertaking. What does this mean in the context of design research? Today, design research relies on various and divergent notions of design experimentation and ideas about their value and use. In one corner, experimentation is conceived of as designerly exploration into, for instance, materials, technologies, and expressions. In another corner, design experimentation is shaped according to hypothetical-deductive models of knowledge production inherited from science and engineering. Yet, in a third corner, design experiments are explored as a means for promoting social change or as a critique of political and ethical values. For instance, this can take the form of critique through fiction and utopias. This raises a set of central questions for design research: How is design experimentation similar and different from experimentation in other research fields and areas? What is the relation of exploration vis-à-vis experimentation in design research? How is it possible, if at all necessary, to provide a consistent account of research methods underlying experimental design research? How can design experiments be staged other than as highly idealized probing situations? What is the role of design experiments as aspects of a critical aesthetic practice?

Nordes 2013 invites designers and design researchers to explore the many aspects of design research as experimental practice.

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6th Intl Conf on Design Principles & Practices (Jan 2012, Los Angeles)

Location: University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Dates: 20-22 January 2012
Deadline for next round of abstract: 7 July 2011

We are pleased to host the Design Conference this year at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles is a world center of entertainment, arts, design and media. Its cultural and economic diversity, and landmarks of expansion and development over the last century make Los Angeles an ideal place to discuss the dimensions of design theory and practice.

The Design Conference is a place to explore the meaning and purpose of ‘design’, as well as speaking in grounded ways about the task of design and the use of designed artifacts and processes. The conference is a cross-disciplinary forum that brings together researchers, teachers and practitioners to discuss the nature and future of design. In professional and disciplinary terms, the conference traverses a broad sweep to construct a dialogue that encompasses an expansive array of disciplinary perspectives and practices. The highly inclusive format provides conference delegates with significant opportunities to connect with people from shared fields and disciplines and with those from vastly different specializations. The resulting conversations provide ample occasions for mutual learning, weaving between the theoretical and the empirical, research and application, and market pragmatics and social idealism.

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12th Intl Design Conference (May 2012, Dubrovnik)

Location: Dubrovnik – Cavtat – Croatia
Dates: May 21 – 24, 2012
Deadline for submissions: 9 Dec 2011

We live in a networked world communicating and exchanging ideas by emails, virtual meetings and social networks. The forthcoming DESIGN 2012 Conference will continue to be a great event founded on tradition and excellence. Opportunity to meet colleagues face-to-face, to exchange and share new ideas in implausible discussions, to build a personal network in a direct contact is the invaluable opportunity of DESIGN conference.

We invite high-quality submissions for DESIGN 2012 covering substantial, original and previously unpublished research. Applied, theoretical and results-oriented papers from both academia and industry, based on thorough analysis or argumentation, will be considered for the conference programme. Submissions should fit into one of proposed conference topics.
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8th Intl Conf of the German Society for Design Theory & Research (Oct 2011, Germany)

Theme: WHO DESIGNS DESIGN? Practice, theory and history of participatory design
Venue: Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd
Dates: October 21-22, 2011
Deadline for submissions: UPDATED 23 May 2011

The EIGHTH ANNUAL DGTF CONFERENCE would like to combine and present contributions on the practice, theory and history of participatory design, and discuss them in reference to current design research. Within this context, projects from a research-based design practice are also especially welcome.

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NORDES2011: 4th Nordic Design Research Conference (May/June 2011, Helsinki)

Theme: Making Design Matter!
Location: School of Art and Design, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
Deadline for submission: 10 January 2011

Nordes calls for perspectives on ‘Making Design Matter’. In the 2011 Nordic Design Research Conference, you are invited to present and discuss how design matters today.

Nordes 2011 in Helsinki is the 4th in a series of biannual conferences, which has included conferences in Copenhagen in 2005, Stockholm in 2007 and Oslo in 2009. Organized by Nordes – an open network of people interested in design research in the Nordic countries – the conference is attended by about 200 people and has rapidly been established as an important venue for design research. It serves several constituencies in design, ranging from design studies, history and management to professional design and practice-based research in art, crafts and design.

Participation is also open to people from outside the Nordic countries.

This website will be continually updated with information about the conference. Click above or here to read the Call for Participation!

EAD 2011: 9th Intl Conf of the European Academy of Design (May 2011, Portugal)

Theme: The Endless End
Dates: 4 – 7 May 2011
Deadline for abstract submissions: 20th September 2010 (UPDATED)

The European Academy of Design, the University of Porto and ID+, Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture, invite you to the 9th EAD International Design Conference: The Endless End.

The conference offers a forum for design academics, researchers, practitioners, thinkers and industry representatives to meet, exchange ideas and share new knowledge and insights across the fields of design. The conference includes keynote lectures, papers, posters and an exhibition of practice-based design research. The language of the conference is English. All documentation and related media will be in English.

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Open Themes at Icograda Journal of Design Research

Iridescent: Icograda Journal of Design Research is a peer-reviewed online multidisciplinary research journal. Current open themes: Defining the value of design, Sustainability and Design education.

For submission guidelines, visit

DPP 2010: 4th Intl Conf on Design Principles and Practises (February 2010, Chicago)

Detailed information is available at the Conference website.  The deadline for the current round in the Call for Papers is 14 January 2010.  Deadlines for future rounds will be posted at the website.

This Conference will address a range of critically important themes relating the design today. It is a place to explore the meaning and purpose of ‘design’, as well as speaking in grounded ways about the task of design and the use of designed artifacts and processes. The Conference is a cross-disciplinary forum which brings together researchers, teachers and practitioners to discuss the nature and future of design. The resulting conversations weave between the theoretical and the empirical, research and application, market pragmatics and social idealism.

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